10 Top Paying Careers Within Hospitality Management

hospitality management salaries

There are many reasons why students and professionals aspire to work in hospitality management. The best hospitality careers often afford fun lifestyles and opportunities for travel and social engagement. But, many job seekers are also attracted by the lucrative pay.

Here Are 10 Top Paying Hospitality Management Opportunities That Offer Terrific Salaries!

  • Hotel Manager

    Hotel management is one of the best hospitality careers in terms of pay. However, it’s worth noting that there can be big variations depending on property size and location. Regardless, interested job seekers can get their feet wet by working for a basic operation. Then, they can transition to a national chain. Average annual salary: ~$108,000

  • Casino Restaurant Director

    The casino business is booming worldwide and isn’t just limited to Las Vegas. Cities across the world host large gaming properties, each of which houses multiple restaurants. One large casino may provide the same experience as a regional management position at a national restaurant chain and even more income! Average annual salary: ~$108,000

  • Human Resource Manager

    For those thinking outside the box, a career in human resources management may be just the ticket. The hospitality industry is very labor-intensive, so HR needs are plentiful. Best of all, the pay reflects the demand! Average annual salary: ~$103,000

  • Food & Beverage Director

    This role is usually found with larger hospitality operations and hotel properties. Many professionals find the position very rewarding since it provides diverse work conditions and changes in day-to-day activities. The job also provides a broad range of experience. Average annual salary: ~$95,000

  • Regional Restaurant Manager

    Leadership positions in foodservice can range from mom-and-pop restaurant managers to corporate, regional positions. At the highest levels, regional restaurant managers can earn serious income. Average annual salary: ~$93,000

  • Executive Chef

    Some hospitality job candidates may not view chefs as “managers.” However, they actually serve as critical team leaders and earn competitive salaries. Anyone interested in cuisine and leadership should consider this career trajectory! Average annual salary: ~$70,000

  • Director of Housekeeping

    This role is off the radar for many pursuing hospitality management careers, but it’s financially lucrative and also boasts other perks. For one, housekeeping operations are remarkably “consistent” when compared to the ups and downs of event management and catering. While weekend and evening work may be needed, schedules are relatively stable. Average annual salary: ~$57,000

  • Event Manager

    Most large hotels and resorts offer corporate meeting services. Convention centers in towns and cities also provide accommodations for large gatherings. Event management is a rewarding profession that affords good pay, travel, and other benefits. Average annual salary: ~$54,000

  • Catering Manager

    Hospitality job candidates who seek broad opportunity should consider roles as catering managers. These professionals may work in environments ranging from hotels to convention centers. Average annual salary: ~$48,000

  • Sales & Marketing Manager

    Large hotels secure a steady supply of guests through effective outreach efforts. Sales and marketing have always served a critical function, but it’s now even more important with social media and online bookings. Average annual salary: ~$48,000

In the end, hospitality management isn’t the right career path for everyone. All leadership positions involve a certain level of stress and conflict. But, ambitious professionals seeking the best hospitality careers will find there’s plenty of money to be made with a bit of hard work and sacrifice!

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