Fashion Corner: Top Attire for Senior Living Facility Staff

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A senior living facility is usually comfortable and supportive environment. Successful employees find ways to blend into the community seamlessly, and it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between worker and resident. However, it’s important for senior living staff to remember that comfort must be balanced with function when dressing for the job.

Here Are The Top Clothing and Shoe Considerations For Senior Living Facility Staff:

Job Duties in a Senior Living Facility

Various senior living facility workers have varying responsibilities, and clothing should reflect accordingly. Employees who do hands-on work with residents may need to dress more like clinical professionals. Others who work in marketing or customer service may instead wear business attire such as dress shirts and slacks.

Generally speaking, clothing shouldn’t be too formal. Senior living communities are designed to be comfortable, and residents don’t want to feel like they’re living in a clinical facility. Even business clothing should be toned down when compared to other industries like finance or insurance.

Form & Function

Ideally, clothes should be comfortable while also professional and tidy. Baggy jeans, for example, don’t reflect a professional image.

Good options that look nice and are also comfortable include proper-fitting slacks and neat button-up shirts. Items like ties and suit jackets are probably “overkill” in a senior living facility and may hinder work functions. Instead, workers should consider nice sweaters during the winter months.

Safety Considerations

It’s important to remember that senior living facilities can sometimes present hazardous conditions, such as wet, slippery floors and items that can snag clothing. Given the close living proximity of residents, they can also be breeding grounds for bacteria and hosts of communicable diseases. Clothes should be made of easily washable materials, and shoes should be slip-resistant.

Scrubs & Sneakers

A senior living staff that works closely with residents in a healthcare capacity should consider wearing actual scrubs (like these). Although senior living facilities aren’t clinical environments, scrubs may still be the most functional option depending on a worker’s tasks. Likewise, staff with hands-on duties should also wear comfortable and supportive sneakers with non-slip soles. There are many fashionable options!

Final Thoughts About Staff Attire in a Senior Living Facility

Ultimately, senior living staff must remember that proper work attire is critical in community settings. It’s good to be relaxed and comfortable while maintaining the right level of professionalism. The right clothing will provide this balance for career-minded workers.

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