Five Major Reasons You Should Be Working With a Hospitality Recruiter

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You’ve probably heard various opinions regarding recruiting agencies during your tenure as a restaurant manager or leader in hospitality. Sometimes the topic seems controversial, with strong views on both sides. So what’s the truth, and should you be working with a hospitality recruiter for your next job search?

All things considered, most astute professionals recognize the value in recruiter partnerships. Here are five major reasons you should too:

  • Discretion

The hospitality industry is a tight-knit community. It seems we all know each other, even if we live in different cities or states. Recruiters confidentially work on your behalf. Candidates can eliminate the risk of upsetting their current employer and take the leap into their next opportunity.

  • Exclusivity

Restaurant recruiters often have the skinny on jobs that aren’t advertised to the general public. Many employers demand discretion in their job search, the same way an employee looking for a new position does. Employers will often work through a staffing agency exclusively, which boxes out all other candidates.

  • Advocacy

Great hospitality recruiters work on your behalf. It’s hard for anyone to “toot their own horn,” without coming across as arrogant. What’s better than letting another professional do it for you? Consider recruiters as advocates who will work to get you the best job possible.

  • Market Insights

Hospitality recruiters live and breathe restaurant job openings. That’s their full-time work! Therefore, they are at the forefront of industry trends, pay rates, and benefits. Candidates who work with hospitality staffing agencies almost always land higher-paying jobs.

  • Options

Remember that recruiting agencies work with multiple job openings. This provides candidates with options. Working with a recruiter empowers you to confidently decline sub-par job offers, knowing that a better one lies around the corner.

As for the doubters, don’t fall for the popular myths surrounding recruiting agencies. They don’t “take your money,” or “steal your job.” Employers directly pay all staffing fees, which are charged in addition to the candidate’s salary. As for your job, remember that most agencies highly value their candidates. You are a prized asset, and reputable firms work hard to maintain your trust.

If you’re a restaurant manager or hospitality leader in search of your next opportunity, consider this industry-leading recruiting agency!

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