The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Restaurant Management Job

Restaurant Manager

A restaurant management job is a very desirable opportunity for many people. Although it can be hard work, the position pays well and offers many perks. Some of the positives include a fun, casual, and social work environment. Hospitality also affords travel and fine-dining opportunities.

Outsiders looking to break into the business should reference this cheat sheet for helpful insights.


Most good restaurant management jobs are secured through old-fashioned networking. This rule is especially true for people seeking their first “shot.” It’s amazing how far a trusted recommendation goes with a hiring manager!

Leverage your LinkedIn network and social media accounts. Spread the word that you’re looking for a restaurant job and use every communication method possible. Remember that hiring managers sometimes offer their staff bonuses for candidate referrals. So, they may be very motivated to help you out.


The second best way to secure a hospitality position is to directly prospect local restaurants. Turnover can be high, and there’s a good chance they’re hiring at any given time. This may be true even if they aren’t actively advertising.

If your timing is lucky, you may just catch a hiring manager immediately after another employee has left. This reduces your competition dramatically, as the position is unknown to the general public. You can also use the in-person encounter as an opportunity to make a great first impression!

Job Boards

Responding to general advertisements can be effective in securing restaurant employment, but you face much more competition. Essentially, you’re “fishing where everyone fishes.” The high volume of applicants may especially hinder job seekers new to hospitality.

Also, remember that not all job boards are created equal. Industry-specific websites are probably your best bet. However, never discount Craigslist if you live in a large market.

Sell Yourself 

A restaurant management job is very people-focused. Candidates who “sell themselves” during a job interview are essentially proving their worth up front. If you make a favorable impression on the hiring manager, chances are you’ll impress customers as well.

Always stay friendly and positive during the interview. Be prepared to answer questions on conflict resolution and overcoming challenges. Restaurants can be fun work environments, but they’re still fraught with peril!


Prospective restaurant managers may also consider the assistance of a hospitality recruiting agency. Staffing representation is especially helpful for those seeking higher-level opportunities. Many of the top positions are only offered through contracted employment agencies and are not posted on job boards.

There are other benefits of working with a specialized recruiter. First, they advocate on your behalf and “sell” you as a great candidate. An audience is much more receptive to a third party “singing your praises.” Second, a recruiter knows your market value and works to secure the highest pay and best benefits possible.

Restaurant management jobs are highly sought after, but there are many opportunities to be had. People who are serious about breaking into the hospitality industry will find that a dedicated job search will ultimately yield results.

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