Haunted: Why Ghosting is the Kiss of Death for a Job Seeker

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Ghosting is the proverbial nail in the coffin. It is the latest trend among job seekers. Candidates apply to positions but don’t respond to calls or return emails. They set up interviews and do not show up for them. Some people even accept jobs only never to show up. Recruiters are more scared by the growing trend than by vampires, zombies, and witches combined.

In today’s tight job market, not responding to an email or missing an appointment doesn’t seem like a big deal to job seekers. There are plenty of jobs out there. But in the world of recruiting, it matters. Here are just three reasons why you should care.

Ghosting is Frighteningly Unprofessional 

In the world of recruiting, everyone you interact with is paying attention to every step in the process. They are taking notes and keeping records of how you interact with them. It is a simple fact that a true professional always acknowledges, follows-up, and closes out discussions. Period. This isn’t Twitter. You can’t just drop-in and drop out of the recruiting process like you do direct messaging on Instagram. When you “ghost” someone in the professional world, you make it clear that you don’t get what it means to truly behave professionally.

Recruiters Have Long Memories

Some job seekers think that recruiters are hounding them. They have recruiters chasing them to see if they are interested in this role or that. With such a tight job market, the tables have indeed turned around in the world of recruiting. In the past, it was a recruiter’s world. They could pick and choose among candidates for the cream of the crop. Today, it is the job seeker who often has the opportunity to pick and choose. Job markets change over time, however. While it may be a candidate’s market right now, it will not always remain like that. The recruiters you dismiss today, you may need tomorrow.

It Will Haunt You

Planning a career path is critical if you want to move ahead in the world. It is essential to have a plan, know where you are, and know where you would like to go. Recruiters can help get you there. They are willing to provide advice and guidance on how to get to the next level. When you are ready to make a move having a recruiter on your side can be invaluable. They allow you to look for your next role quietly, without posting your resume for all to see.

The recruiter you “ghost” today may be the recruiter who is representing your dream job tomorrow. To make sure they think of you for the role, don’t disappear on them.

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