We celebrate you, the American Worker

the American worker

Labor Day, for the American Worker, is more than just a celebration of the end of summer and a chance to throw a big barbeque. It is a national tribute to the workers who have made our country strong and prosperous.

The US laborer earned this holiday over a century ago through sweat and hard labor. There is some debate over whether the holiday was founded by carpenter’s or machinist’s unions but the tradition has held strong since 1885 to set aside a day to honor the amazing output of the American worker.

The American Worker in History

American laborers did not always have it so easy. At times in our history, they toiled without break, up to eighteen-hour days, often with no medical care or coverage and no job security. The unions in America built a foundation that we have come to rely on today of standard benefits of health care coverage, vacation time, and higher pay rates for overtime hours. In some industries today, employers even offer unlimited time off, free coffee, snack and lunches and the most comfortable working environments possible to entice workers to join their firm.

All the perks we have come to know today are the result of an extraordinarily strong labor market. The need for labor is high, supply is limited, and workers are reaping the benefits.

American workers literally built this country one brick at a time, one service at a time, and one project at a time. At Goodwin Recruiting we celebrate the American worker every day. It is our goal to help you find the best position for you, to pursue your happiness in the land of opportunity that those before us have built.

So whether you work on Labor Day or not we celebrate you, the American worker, today, and every day.

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