Questions to ask yourself after a job interview  

questions to ask yourself after a job interview

It is so important after a job interview to take a few minutes to think through some key questions carefully. You want to take the time to clarify what you do and don’t know about the job. This critical information can be the pivot point for deciding whether you want the role.  

Does the position align with your needs, interests, and strengths?   

This question will help you determine whether you will be happy in the long run. Look at your interests and strengths and decide whether the position will allow you to use them. Alignment here means you will likely be successful and enjoy the work.  

Do I understand what the role entails? What will the day-to-day activities be?  

Some aspects of a job are tasks you only do once a month or once a quarter.  What is more important is the day-to-day activities. What exactly will you be doing day after day? This will go a long way toward helping you understand if the repetitive tasks will bore or excite you.  

How will my performance be measured?  

Do you have a clear understanding of how your performance will be measured? Are there quotas and goals that are understood by both sides? Will those be written down? Are they to be measured weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually? Could these expectations suddenly change? Know what the expectations are to get a firm understanding upfront of how your performance will be judged.   

Is there any information you did not get?  

Interviews go by so quickly. Often, the interview is focused on the employer getting the information they need about you. Make sure you have all the information you need about the employer. If you don’t have it, the follow-up letter or email is a great time to ask.  

Does the company or position have an opportunity for future growth?  

Does the company have roles that you can grow into from the one you will be accepting? How often are people promoted internally? Know the company’s growth plan and strategies. All of this should be factored in as you consider an opportunity. The last thing you want is to join a company that is about to down-size or get stuck in a dead-end job.  

Is this an organization that I want to work for? 

The final question to contemplate is whether this organization is right for you. Do you feel your personality matches up well with the culture of the company?  Do you value the product or service they provide? Think it through. If something about the company feels “off” to you before you even start, it is probably not a good fit. When you find a company that shares your values, you will feel right at home.  

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