The Importance of Job References

importance job references

A recent article published on stresses the importance of job references. Who job seekers put as their references can influence their consideration. This article offers five important tips to keep in mind when creating a reference list.

Always choose your reference wisely. Who you are putting down should be able to discuss your strengths, weaknesses, potential, and experience. These former employers should be able to discuss your background and interpersonal skills.

Before putting your reference on your resume, call them and let them know. To prepare them you should give them a copy of your resume, job description, and the name of the employer that will likely be calling them.  

Be prepared to give clear contact information about your references. When choosing a reference, you should know their name, title, email address, and phone numbers. Be able to provide what type of relationship you had with your reference. 

Think outside the box and be selective when it comes to choosing references. It’s important to remain on good terms with past employers.

The last thing to remember is to give thanks. Thank the people who you are using as a reference and keep them updated as a courtesy.