5 Tips to Prepare You For an Interview

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A well-conducted interview can set you apart from other prospective employees. These are 5 easy tips to prepare you for a successful interview: 

  1. Know what you are signing up for. Make sure you know what the job you are interviewing for is something that you can do. Do not waste an employers time make sure you can do what is required.
  2. Think of experiences and examples of how you demonstrate the qualities they are looking for. Be prepared to discuss those examples in your interview.
  3. Every interview starts with the employer asking about yourself. Be prepared. Create a 90-second elevator speech.
  4. During the conversation, if you mention a failure or something you struggled with, mention capitalizing on what you learned and how you are different now.
  5. Do your research. Know the company that you are interviewing with and bring new ideas. Show them how you can be a good addition to their team.

The goal of an interview is to show the employer how you can change and contribute to the company’s needs.