Fix Those Common Résumé Mistakes

The first step to applying for a job is providing a good quality résumé. Unfortunately, many job applicants do not realize how easy it is to make mistakes when creating their résumé. It’s important to keep in mind that a resume is essentially a 15-second advertisement of yourself. When an employer picks up your résumé and quickly scans it over, will it be placed in the “yes” or “no” pile? To be sure of this, let’s go over the most common résumé mistakes job applicants make:

Typos: Grammatical & Spelling Errors
As silly as it sounds, a simple spelling mistake could be the first thing that makes your résumé land in the garbage. Employers don’t want to consider someone who can’t take the time of day to send in a properly revised résumé. The best way to avoid the presence of spelling or grammar mistakes on your résumé is to have an additional person read it over before you send it in. Sometimes all it takes is a second set of eyes to catch those sneaky typos.

A Blatantly Generic Résumé
Sending out mass copies of the same résumé will eventually catch on with employers. Not catering your résumé to the specific job description will get you nowhere fast. Employers want to see relevant skills and experience to the job that’s on the table. It’s okay to maintain a similar format on the résumés you send out, but be sure to tweak each one for the job you are applying for. Using specific keywords from the job description is a great start!

Too Wordy
Try not to clog up your résumé with too much about yourself. A recent college graduate does not need to list every single job and accomplishment they’ve had since the age of fourteen. Including the most relevant and valuable facts about yourself in a short, concise style is the best way to keep your résumé-reader engaged.

Too Vague
A vague job description will not spark the interest of a potential employer. It is essential to include your specific skills, tasks, and accomplishments. Still keep it short and sweet, but provide a specific description of your applicable skills and qualities.