Myra Magaletta

Areas Of Specialty

“A passion for excellence and focus on building long-standing relationships drive me to align the right people with the right organizations.”

A passion for excellence and a focus on building long-standing relationships drive Myra Magaletta to align the right people with the right organizations. She is a lifelong people connector and loves her role as a recruiter. Her collaborative nature enables her to build connections to foster strong relationships with clients, as well as engage top talent in identifying the right opportunities.

Myra’s background spans a successful career working with luxury lifestyle brands in fashion, entertainment, and hospitality. She is a humanitarian at heart working with non-profits and corporations leading pro-social and environmental initiatives to raise millions of dollars for impact-making programs and initiatives globally. Myra focuses on her clients’ big picture; her executive leadership experience gives her an understanding of brand and business development and the ability to bring in the right people to shape a brand for success. Transparency and the ability to build consensus helped Myra build a strong network of C-Suite and executive professionals across industries.

Myra currently lives in New York with her two children and Goldendoodle, she also lived in Miami, New Jersey, and for a brief time in Italy.

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