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5 Key Traits to Look for When You’re Hiring for a Private Club

Michelle Gaba | | July 17, 2019

5 Key Traits to Look for When You_re Hiring for a Private Club

Successful staffing is a difficult task for most businesses. Many terrific workers are already gainfully employed and aren’t looking for a change. The challenge is even greater when hiring for a private club.

Customer expectations are high, and employee behavior can have a tremendous effect on the club’s success. With that in mind, managers should seek these five traits when hiring for their private club:

  • When You’re Hiring for a Private Club, Be Sure Your Candidate is Accommodating 

    Believe it or not, some people have misconceptions about what the term “exclusive” actually means. While private clubs are exclusive, they are also accommodating to their members’ requests. A good employee will understand this nuance.

Hiring managers should be careful to test a candidate’s understanding of this distinction. Does the prospect view rules and guidelines with strict black-and-white orthodoxy that elicits a simple, “No,” response? Or, do they instead seek to balance club regulations with solutions to keep the customer happy?

  • Attention to Detail 

    Many employees of private clubs are not folks who would be members themselves. But, they should still understand their customers and share similar interests. When hiring for a private club, managers must ask candidates questions that reveal if they have an appreciation for excellence.

For example, one might pose the hypothetical, “You’re serving guests at the pool and run out of clean towels. What is your solution?” Strong candidates will provide a well-thought-out and genuine response, rather than offering a quick-fix solution that might compromise club standards.

  • Reliability 

    All companies seek reliable employees, but it’s an even more critical consideration when hiring for a private club. A casual restaurant or national motel chain may be able to supplement absent staff without many hang-ups. However, the exclusive nature of a private club demands workers who are familiar with members’ expectations.

Unlike businesses that have a revolving door of anonymous customers, private club patrons are usually “regulars.” They get to know wait staff and pool attendants. Random fill-in employees will negatively affect the customer experience and can result in lost memberships or worse.

  • Respectful 

    Experienced managers know it’s nearly impossible to fix major character flaws like bad attitudes and negativity. Any manager who hires based on skills and experience while ignoring “red flags” during the interview process will ultimately regret the decision. Technical knowledge can’t make up for a rude or angry employee.

  • Integrity 

    Certain employee traits are taken at face value. However, standard application processes don’t always pick up on warning signs. While it’s not pleasant to think about, theft is a very real concern when hiring for a private club or any company.

The consequences of having a dishonest employee on staff can be devastating. Hiring managers must exercise due diligence by thoroughly questioning prior references. They should also ask subtle questions during the interview process that address issues of integrity.

Great employees are critical to the success of any business. However, staff excellence is an even more important consideration when hiring for a private club. Mistakes will be made, and some turnover is inevitable. Successful hiring managers will do their due diligence to mitigate the risks of bad hires.

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