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3 Things Millennials Look for in a Work Environment

Goodwin Recruiting | | January 11, 2018

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Studies have shown that millennials have become less loyal to employers. According to a study by PWC, “In 2008, 75% of millennials expected to have between two and five employers in their lifetime. This had fallen to 54% in 2011 as Millennials expected to work shorter stints at more companies. The same report found that many millennials were dissatisfied with their current workplace. Of those currently working, 38% said they were actively looking for a different role, and 43% said they were open to offers.”

Millennials look for career progression, competitive wages and training and development opportunities


Employers do not have to promote growth in a Millennials current job but a focus group was conducted at the Hotels Career Expo in 2016 and studies showed that “The concerns were a lack of clearly defined career pathways… no clear linkages between formal industry training and job outcomes… and a perceived lack of professionalism across the sector; lots of entry-level jobs in the sector but few careers after that.” When staying at a job millennials want to know that they are working towards progression in their career.

The hospitality industry has a reputation for paying their employees poorly. A survey conducted “by The Guardian found 59% of hospitality workers are dissatisfied with current pay”. Millenials will work hard to be paid well. By offering Training and development opportunities employers are challenging their employees to further themselves in the career they are in. These opportunities keep millennials engaged and increases their knowledge.

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