Learn How to Better Use Data to Improve Hotel Recruitment

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Big data and analytics are hot buzzwords in today’s business climate. From medicine to banking, leaders are tapping into vast computing resources for improved success. Widely available data can also help hospitality organizations seeking better hotel recruitment results!

Here Are Practical Ways All Companies Can Leverage Data for Improved Hotel Recruitment:

Job Posting Response Rates

Not all job postings are created equal. Sometimes, a position will attract far more candidates when phrased differently in a listing. However, hospitality companies can only refine job postings if they track which versions generate the most interest.

Most websites and software solutions track response numbers automatically. But, it may be harder to determine effectiveness when using more traditional platforms (like print ads). If views and clicks data isn’t available, recruiters should still manually document the number of phone call inquiries, emails, and submitted applications.

Online Application Completion Stats

New technology provides greater hotel recruitment tools, but it also creates new challenges. One negative trend is that many candidates fail to complete their online applications. Some traditional recruiters and hiring managers may not view this phenomenon as a problem and instead see it as a self-selective elimination process. However, that type of thinking is a mistake.

Great candidates often have several job opportunities, and they know it. While employers expect dedicated applicants and employees, it’s really a two-way street. Valued workers want to know that a company will treat them with respect. Needlessly burdensome and time-consuming job applications often send the wrong message.

Hiring managers and hotel recruitment professionals should carefully track the number of candidates who fail to complete online applications. They should then weigh this against the number of people who do finish the process. If a large percentage of applicants give up prematurely, there may be a problem!

Current Employee Resumes

Did you know the resumes of current employees are terrific sources of recruitment data? All sorts of valuable information can be gleaned from these long-lost documents! A savvy hiring manager may notice that employees with specific educational backgrounds seem to mesh with the company culture.

Or perhaps a recruiter sees that too many current employees have similar histories, which may indicate a lack of diversity in hotel recruitment campaigns. Diversity is an ethical imperative for most organizations. But it also shows that recruiters are staying innovative in exploring new sourcing avenues.

Exit Interviews

HR professionals often find value in gaining feedback from an employee with one foot out the door. So-called exit interviews are usually viewed as ways to mitigate company legal exposure while simultaneously gaining insight that guides employee retention strategy. However, the data can also help with recruitment.

The factors that motivate a current employee to explore other opportunities are often the same as those that entice prospective job candidates. Instead of just going through the motions, hotel recruitment professionals should leverage exit interviews to secure as much data as possible. These employees may even provide information on recruiting strategies being used by competitors!


Traditional managers and recruiters may feel overwhelmed by talk of data and analytics. This topic really isn’t as complex as it seems. Everyday people can understand the value of actionable information when it comes to hotel recruitment. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power.

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