How does Google Jobs Search work? 

Google Jobs Search

Thanks to Google Jobs Search, if you are searching for a new job, there’s a new way to discover all open positions. Just Google it. That’s right Google, the world’s most powerful search engine, has been optimized to help with job searching. It will quickly find jobs right from a standard Google search.

How Google Jobs Search Works

  1. Go to
    • Type “jobs” in a Google search with or without accompanying words such as the job title you are seeking or the location where you want a position. A box labeled “Jobs” will pop up beneath the search bar.
    • The additional words you type in will narrow your results. So, if you’re looking for a job as a chef in Atlanta, type “chef jobs Atlanta GA” and all of the chef positions in Atlanta from all the job boards will all pop up in one search, with any duplicates removed.
    • To search for nearby jobs, type “jobs near me.”
  2. Click on the Google Jobs Search bar that comes up below the search bar to get to a more detailed search. Google Jobs Search
  3. When you click on the “Jobs” bar you will land on a page that looks like this: Google Jobs Search
  4. All the jobs matching your search will appear in the column on the left.Details about each job appear in the section on the right as you select them from the left column.
  5. At this point, you can get more specific about what kinds of jobs you’re looking for.Utilize the filters for Title, Location, Date Posted, Type, Company Type or a Specific Employer to hone in on the exact positions you want.
  6. Google Jobs Search will give you options to click on the Job Board you prefer or apply directly to the employer via buttons in the detailed description.
  7. When you search, Google Jobs Search will prompt you to set up alerts for that search. When you set an alert you will automatically receive email notifications if a job with those specifications is posted on any of the major job boards.   

What a fantastic time savings this is for job seekers. Give it a try!

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