Pro Tips for Working with a Recruiter

pro tips for working with a recruiter

Job searching is simply a part of adult life. As much as we may wish we could take a job at age 18 and stay until retirement, for most of us that just isn’t the case.

What to expect from your Recruiter

Working with a recruiter can do you a world of good! Recruiters do much more than just forward resumes to an HR department. A good recruiter will walk candidates through every step of the process and even maintain contact after they are hired! So as a candidate, what can you do to increase your chances of finding your dream job when working with a recruiter?

5 Tips for Working with a Recruiter

  1. Be honest – It’s your recruiter’s job to get their clients excited about you. However, that means they need to know about anything in your background that could come up in an interview or background check. An imperfect work history or background check isn’t necessarily a deal breaker for clients, but it’s best that your recruiter knows about it from the start so they can help you navigate these challenges.
  2. The little things count – Having a cute outgoing voicemail message may entertain your friends, but a potential employer is likely to perceive it as immature. Typos or inconsistent formatting on your resume may not seem like a big deal, but a client may assume you aren’t detail oriented enough for the job. Often, it’s the little things that mean the difference between receiving a job offer or a rejection, or thousands of dollars in salary.
  3. Be open to constructive feedback – As much as it may hurt your pride to be told you are a little long-winded in an interview or not dressed professionally, remember that your recruiter is acting as your advocate here. They know what their clients are looking for in a candidate, so take their suggestions seriously and make the changes that they recommend.
  4. Communicate openly and clearly – If you are no longer interested in a job that your recruiter has presented to you, simply say so. If you have a concern or need additional coaching for a big interview, reach out so you can talk through the problem. Recruiters are not mind-readers!
  5. Follow your recruiter’s recommendations – Recruiters really have seen it all when it comes to job searching, so if they tell you to do something (or not), follow their suggestion. Recruiters choose this line of work to change their candidates’ lives for the better, so have some trust in their experience! If you are unsure about why you are being asked to do something, go back and read #4. It’s important that the candidate, recruiter, and client are all on the same page and focused on the same goal.

Your ability to communicate timely and with honesty and integrity, your willingness to change behaviors that could turn-off potential employers, and how you demonstrate attention to detail will result in a more positive outcome. Connecting with the right Recruiting Agent can be a major game changer for you as a job seeker, and can be just the key you need to find your dream job!

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