For the Love of Bacon

love bacon

Lately, it feels, each time we turn a corner, there is more bad news looming. In these times, we seek comfort, familiarity, common ground, joy…and BACON! Some label it an obsession, an unhealthy choice, or a breakfast staple. Those in the know, cherish it, love it, and cannot live without it. Let us cast worry and negativity aside, even if just for a few moments, and focus on something positively delicious.

Why We Love Bacon

Spoiler Alert: Science. Yes, science can explain why we are drawn to bacon. The Maillard Reaction occurs when heat is added to bacon, causing a chemical reaction between amino acids and sugars. This chemical reaction creates not only a change in the flavor profile and color but also develops and releases a combination of scent compounds that blend into the air, which makes our mouths water at the smell of it. And if that weren’t enough, bacon contains six umami flavors, creating not only a flavor sensation for your palate but also an addictive neurochemical response.

Bacon Mania

Yes, it is real. For those over-the-top enthusiasts to experimental traditionalists, there is a bacon-related activity, recipe, or product for you. Having trouble getting up in the morning? No need to throw the strips that sizzle in a pan — set your self-made bacon alarm clock the night before. Save the date for your first post-Coronavirus extravaganza and attend bacon camp in 2021. Add a new holiday to your calendar by celebrating National Bacon Day this year. Ready to move beyond your traditional bacon and eggs? Step outside your bacon box and try a new recipe. Order bacon-themed gifts for every occasion. Your family and friends will love you for it…trust me.

Bacon Love Stands the Test of Time

Bacon has traveled across time and continents and is more popular than ever. Bacon has even crept into everyday vernacular with phrases like: “Bring home the bacon,” and “What’s shakin,’ bacon?” Every state has a favorite bacon and every town a favorite butcher. Local farmers need us now more than ever. The indulgent, decadent, salty-sweet goodness of bacon keeps us coming back for more and brings us closer together. Take comfort and surround yourself with bacon lovers just like you. Eat on, America, and let your love of bacon shine through.

Goodwin Recruiting has SIZZLE!

When you are ready to add a culinary expert, executive chef, or R&D pro to your team – bacon aficionado or not – reach out to Goodwin Recruiting.  We will partner with you to find the perfect match! If you are job searching and ready to “bring home the bacon,” please let us assist you in finding the perfect opportunity.