I’ve recently been working with your team on seeking employment here in Los Angeles, CA. I recently moved to CA on a whim and have sought employment for a little over a month. It was then that your team contacted me and have been assisting me in my search. They have been a great help! I had never interviewed for management positions before as I am new to management. They taught me how to articulate my thoughts effectively and used constructive criticism to really help me. I have applied all the things I’ve learned from them into my interviews and it has proven to be effective. Without them, I would not have gotten as far as I have with my employment process. Not just far, but quickly. They are so effective in communicating and making sure we are up to speed on everything. I have already personally recommended Goodwin Recruiting to people I know seeking employment. If I am ever in need of employment again, Goodwin Recruiting would be the first place I go to. Thank you for the great services.