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Posted: February 8, 2023

I have had the pleasure of working with Goodwin Recruiting twice, the first was when I was relocating to South Carolina and the second is my current search. Goodwin Recruiting conducted a very intensive interview in which they really took the time to find out my requirements for a position, salary, and benefits. Goodwin Recruiting provided me with all the information on the company, financials, and owners. They prepped me very well for the interviews and arranged for all my interviews and travel. In addition, Goodwin Recruiting assisted me and my family in locating short-term housing, schools, and background on the area. I have again asked Goodwin Recruiting to assist me in my current search. Once again, they took the time to clearly define my goals, salary and benefit requirements. Goodwin Recruiting could have sent me on numerous interviews but understands that would be a short-term fix and will not achieve our goals. Goodwin Recruiting has sent me on two outstanding interviews both of which met all my goals. They prepped me very well and once again arranged for all the interviews. The most important aspect of my search has been the feedback by my recruiter. They have kept me well informed of the process and provided great feedback after each interview. I have worked with other recruiters in the past and the only conversations I have is when they have an immediate need. Goodwin Recruiting has formed a relationship with me and even when they don’t have a position Goodwin Recruiting would still call just to check in.