I have never had a search firm work so hard to get me the right position before. He accurately assessed my skills and worked really hard to find me the perfect match with a detailed interview process and superior knowledge.  I really felt like he was on my team.  He is not only thorough with his interview preparation, but he is creative and encouraging.  My recruiter not only offered sage advice on how to present myself and what questions to ask, but he also gave me really valuable insight. I felt like I was really prepared for every meeting and face to face interview he scheduled for me.  After two of my initial interviews did not result in me going further in the process, he took it harder than I did and was determined even more to find me something.  The result was a position that is a perfect fit with a salary and bonus structure that was more than I was seeking.  I could not be happier and more pleased with Goodwin Recruiting.  I felt supported and well taken care of and I don’t think I have ever had such a productive, engaged, and fruitful job search than this one.