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How to Utilize Mobile Devices During Hotel Training 

Michelle Gaba | | April 3, 2019

How to Utilize Mobile Devices During Hotel Training

Employee training is a critical component of any hotel operation. Whether it’s for new hires or continuing best practices, hospitality management finds itself in constant need of quality educational resources. The good news is that today’s world offers unprecedented technological solutions to make your training simpler and more effective.

Mobile devices, such as smartphones, are now universal assets for most Americans. Now’s the time for hotel management to transition all training to mobile platforms. Here’s why:

Proliferation of Smartphones

Any discussion on the viability of mobile device, hospitality-industry training must first begin by acknowledging the near-universal ownership of smartphones in America. More than 90 percent of American millennials own smartphones per the Pew Research Center. Furthermore, that same research suggests that more millennials own smartphones than computers!

Quick & Efficient Rollouts

Mobile application technology now allows for much quicker and more efficient rollouts of new hospitality training materials. Resources that previously had to be mass-printed and hand-delivered or mailed to dozens or hundreds of employees can now be sent instantly. Not only is this much more cost-effective, but it also allows for more frequent updates with subsequent releases.

Remote Hotel Training

This may go without saying, but education via mobile application allows for remote training options. While remote training isn’t new from a computer-platform perspective, applying it to mobile devices is even more liberating. Hotel employees can literally access the training anywhere, at any time, and do not require computer access.

Training in Phases

Remote capabilities also allow for incremental completion of hospitality training materials. So, a new hire may complete one phase of training while riding the train to work and complete a second phase while riding it home after her shift. The efficient use of otherwise wasted time helps employees quickly complete the materials.

“Gamification” for Engagement

The same millennial generation that is so likely to own smartphones is also the group of people who tend to be avid “gamers.” The “gamification” of training involves phone applications that use video games as an educational tool. Research shows that training gamification dramatically improves staff engagement and comprehension. It’s also enjoyable, which improves employee morale.

While computer-based training is nothing new in the hospitality industry, some hotels are behind the curve when transitioning to mobile device platforms. If you’re a manager who has yet to realize the benefits of today’s latest educational platform, now’s the time to make a change. Mobile device training can serve as a cost-effective way to take your hotel to the next level!

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