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Baby Boomers Are Retiring! Learn How Manufacturing Recruiters Are Narrowing the Talent Gap

Baby Boomers Are Retiring! Learn How Manufacturing Recruiters Are Narrowing the Talent Gap

When WWII finally ended in the mid-1940s, the baby boomers officially took center stage. Often known for leading the 1960s counter-culture, this generation also spearheaded modern American manufacturing and technological development. But, after several decades of service, many are now calling it quits, and manufacturing recruiters are trying to pick up the pieces with cutting-edge solutions.

Given the mass “baby boomer retirement phenomenon,” forward-thinking manufacturing recruiters are wondering how to fill their ranks.

Here Are Some of the Best Techniques Manufacturing Recruiters Use to Narrow the Talent Gap:

Adjusting Benefits & Perks

If baby boomers are leaving the manufacturing and engineering workforce, who is taking their place? The answer is the millennial generation. And, for those who haven’t heard, these younger adults have different priorities than their older counterparts.

When it comes to salaries, employee benefits, and work-life balance, companies are finding millennials will often trade the first for the latter two.

Benefits traditionally meant health insurance and retirement plans. Now, younger employees may expect them to include things like gym memberships and on-site lunches. Millennials also value generous PTO policies and work-from-home flexibility.

Changing Outreach Strategy

Are any manufacturing recruiters still placing print ads in newspapers? The answer is most certainly, no. Candidate outreach has changed significantly in the past couple of decades. But it’s still evolving!

Websites like and CareerBuilder used to represent the cutting edge of recruitment. But, even those mediums are now “old-school” in some respects. Many millennials find their job opportunities through Facebook and LinkedIn, so social media campaigns are no longer optional.

Promoting From Within & Recruiting for Entry-Level Roles

Manufacturing and engineering leaders may wonder why they should train a newer worker on a process when they have senior-level folks who’ve been doing it for years. Well, as the experienced workers age—and retire—this mentality becomes a problem. The path of least resistance is easiest when things are going well, but what happens when three managers leave within the same year?

The smartest strategy is for company leaders to work with manufacturing recruiters to develop an efficient flow of labor that starts with consistent hiring. As novice workers grow through the ranks, they are replaced by new hires that fill their entry-level spots.

This bottom-up approach stabilizes the workforce by providing a steady stream of qualified replacements for each retiree. It also attracts prospective job candidates by fostering a culture focused on career development.

Training & Tuition Reimbursement

A talent void is created every time a senior manager leaves his company. Organizations with effective manufacturing recruiters attempt to mitigate the effect through regular hiring. However, that’s easier said than done in today’s job market.

Training and tuition reimbursement are ways companies can tackle this dilemma. First, most job candidates are attracted to employers who are committed to career development. Second, on-the-job training and tuition also empower companies to hire people who are otherwise overlooked. The policies basically broaden a recruiter’s candidate pool.


It’s always tough for work teams when senior members retire. Unfortunately, the aging baby boomer demographic means many have already left their positions, and more will follow. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t creative ways for manufacturing recruiters to secure their new diamonds in the rough!

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