Finding the Right Leader for Cabin Creek Brewing

Evan Jeffries is busy. In addition to his position as a Firefighter/ Engineer for the city and county of Denver, Colorado, the energetic, outgoing entrepreneur is the owner of a cattle ranch and co-owner of a natural beef market. With so many irons in the fire, it might come as a surprise to some that he and several of his business partners decided to purchase a lakefront parcel of land next to the thoroughfare in scenic Georgetown, Colorado, with the dream of creating a brewery and restaurant. But they did, and after several months of construction, Cabin Creek Brewing was born in early 2020. The new establishment featured an on-site brewery producing award-winning craft beers, next to a scratch kitchen dishing up elevated pub fare, all of which could be enjoyed on their large outdoor patio with majestic lakeside views framed by the Rocky Mountains.  

Even through the onset of the pandemic, and Colorado’s shutdown of his new brewery in April, Evan never took his foot off the gas. He knew that delivering the consistent, high-quality experience necessary for success, depended on finding the right staff members. So even though Cabin Creek was shut down, Evan continued to hire and competitively pay hard workers who reflected the establishment’s values in order to create the right culture. He turned to the local community to fill kitchen, server, and bartending positions but had some initial difficulties finding an individual with the right experience and leadership qualities to be his general manager. Cabin Creek’s location between Summit County and Denver made it an excellent stop-off for outdoor enthusiasts on their way to the mountains but placed it far from the larger job markets where talented restaurant and hospitality managers generally matriculate. When Cabin Creek reopened in May, Evan found himself filling the role of GM, making it harder for him to look after his other business interests as well as Cabin Creek’s strategic growth, and he grew more and more eager to find a replacement. After a series of traditional ads failed to produce the right candidate, Evan turned to Goodwin Recruiting to help him in his search.  

Evan was connected with local Goodwin Recruiting Partner Amanda Weedman, who was based out of her home office in nearby Conifer, Colorado, and James Schreck, based in the Denver area. With her understanding of the local markets and access to a large national network of Goodwin recruiting partners and candidates, Evan knew right away that he had made the right choice. “While I had spoken with other recruiting agencies, I immediately felt the passion from Amanda and the Goodwin group and knew that they would bring a ton of qualified candidates and quickly,” said Evan. “As a plus, having someone locally based who knew the market and who I could meet with in-person made me feel much more comfortable.”  

After a series of in-depth interviews to understand the qualities that Evan was looking for in a GM, Amanda and James created the ideal profile for the next GM of Cabin Creek and were scouring her networks for a fit the very same day. Within three days, Amanda, James, and Evan were conducting Zoom interviews and building a shortlist of candidates to meet in person. While his first selection for GM wasn’t a perfect fit, after Evan reported this to Amanda and James, the recruiters had a uniquely qualified replacement available to start work in six days for a seamless transition. And this time, it was a match.

“Our current GM came in and solidified the culture we were after right away,” said Evan. “He spent the time upfront to learn about Cabin Creek and earn the staff’s trust and respect. He recognized employees that needed to be elevated, drove sales, and connected with our merchandise program. He created a policy for employees to adhere to that keeps the wheels turning but allows for a fun work environment. Since he started only one month ago, we’ve seen tangible results in our bottom line as well as our internal culture and employee retention.”

With such strong results from hiring the right candidate, Cabin Creek is flourishing as a culinary destination for travelers passing through Georgetown. Evan also continues to utilize Amanda, James, and Goodwin Recruiting’s services for his other open positions.

“I’ve talked to a few other business owners who were in the same position I was in, trying to find the right candidates on their own,” said Evan. “While I have a lot of connections in the industry, everyone was having the same difficulties during the labor shortage as I was. Knowing what I know now, I would always recommend Goodwin Recruiting. The quick turnaround time and availability of candidates set this experience aside from any other recruiters that I’ve worked with before. With Amanda, James, and Goodwin Recruiting as a whole, everyone is about customer service and moving the process forward immediately.”

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