Diversifying Your Resume for the New Era of Hiring and Training

new era of hiring and training

Becoming a valuable candidate in a changing and competitive market is key to your future. The future, as we know it, is here and now and changing the way employers hire, train, and maintain their employees. The current downtime of many industries should be used to maintain and reinforce the corporate infrastructure. The issue is that many corporations are not prepared for the change that is here now, creating new ways of doing business. To help our clients and candidates, Goodwin Recruiting is here with some suggestions for the new era of hiring and training that will ensure you are prepared for the revolution currently facing American industries.

As a potential candidate searching for a new career, it is vital to ensure that you are a well-rounded person with a focused, main area of education or degree. Then, it’s crucial to diversify yourself. Utilize the current state of the workforce to reinforce your skills and education. Moreover, learn new skills now that may assist employers in transitioning into the future. Many companies will be searching for people who also have technical skills that can propel them into the future.

Here, we present you with three options of valuable courses you may take to arm yourself for the new era of hiring and training:

1. Google IT Certifications:

Google is currently offering free IT certifications in several areas that are beneficial to any industry and will be a complement to any resume. These courses are for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

2. Salesforce Certifications:

With the increase industries will see in remote employees, tracking will become more critical than ever. CRM reporting will grow, and the most extensive CRM used is Salesforce. Having a Salesforce certification will allow you to be more valuable as a leader.

3. Microsoft Certifications:

With the increase in remote employees, customers buying remotely, and boards being remotely organized, the need to generate everything, from advertising to reports, will grow. White papers, presentations, and spreadsheets will need to be created and shared with teams. The infrastructure for this is mostly Microsoft, and Microsoft has created certifications that will also be valuable to your resume.

We know these are just three examples, and there are many more out there — however, these are solid certifications that will allow you to become more valuable to any employer, making you a top-tier candidate.

Need more tips for diversifying your resume during this new era of hiring and training?

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