3 Ways You Can Create a More Applicant-Friendly Manufacturing Recruiting Process

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Times change, and gone are the days of employers approaching manufacturing recruiting with a “my way or the highway” attitude. Job seekers now expect reciprocal respect and make snap judgments about company culture based on the application and hiring processes.

Fortunately, there are ways organizations can create more applicant-friendly manufacturing recruiting processes. Here are three of the best:

3 Ways Your Manufacturing Recruiting Process Can Become More Applicant-Friendly

1. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Advanced recruiting technology has been around for years, but effective ATS platforms are more critical than ever. Employers often view the tools as solutions for internal recruiting operations. However, they’re also beneficial to job seekers.

An advanced ATS helps to simplify the application process, which encourages engagement. Most job seekers get weary of completing endless applications. Studies show a majority of candidates will decline to complete burdensome applications.

An ATS can help manufacturing recruiting in several ways. First, the resume parsing technology streamlines the application process and can pull critical candidate information straight from a resume. Some even provide “Easy Apply” technology that allows job seekers to apply in a matter of seconds.

ATS platforms have smart technologies that scan submitted resumes for keywords to identify the most qualified candidates. While these features usually benefit recruiters, they also aid applicants. No job seeker wants to go through the motions only to find out they’re ineligible for the role.

Finally, an ATS allows a candidate to submit one resume for multiple positions. In the old days, people had to submit multiple applications. Now, organizations can use an ATS to keep track of all candidates and consider them for a variety of opportunities.

2. Simplicity & Efficiency

Today’s employers need to keep the manufacturing recruiting process as simple as possible. Candidates should never be required to replicate information already listed on their resumes. If possible, recruiters should use an “Easy Apply” button that only requires contact information and answering a couple of essential questions.

Skills assessments and long personality tests should be reserved for applicants who have made the shortlist. Companies must remember a job seeker’s time is valuable, too. Consideration is key.

3. Status Updates & Communication

Successful manufacturing recruiting requires effective communication for multiple reasons. First, candidates deserve prompt status updates, returned phone calls, and timely email responses. They are people—just like clients—and should be treated with respect.

The old saying, “Time kills all deals,” is especially true when recruiting in a tight labor market. Failing to return a candidate’s phone call or provide a prompt status update may result in them accepting another position. Recruiters must assume all applicants are entertaining other offers and may be lost at any moment.

Finally, applicants who don’t receive an offer or accept a different position may provide word-of-mouth referrals if they were treated with respect. Workers talk amongst each other, and one person’s negative experience can deter others from applying.

Today’s job seekers have options. Wise company leaders must work hard to ensure manufacturing recruiting is candidate-friendly. Easy, streamlined application processes encourage engagement and are more likely to result in quality hires.

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