Networking in a Digital World: How to Use LinkedIn to Land Your Next Job

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Most people engage in social media on a daily basis. Whether it’s staying connected to friends on Facebook or sharing vacation photos on Instagram, virtual networking has become a huge part of our lives. But, did you know the medium can also be used professionally as a tool to land your next job?

Celebrities like Gordon Ramsay earn millions of dollars off of their Instagram accounts. However, LinkedIn may be the best networking resource for us “normal” working folks. Here’s why:

Highlight Professionalism to Land Your Next Job

Merely having a LinkedIn profile is a sign of professionalism in today’s job market. People who have an updated profile that lists their current position and work history come across as being career focused. As a matter of fact, some hiring managers at larger corporations may even ask you for a link to your profile.

Job Search

Professionals who are actively searching for a new opportunity can use LinkedIn to find a new job. The platform offers job search functions and will alert you to positions that match your background. Savvy users even take it a step further by connecting to recruiters and hiring managers and directly asking about opportunities.

Recruiting Exposure

Experienced professionals know the best job offers sometimes come to those who aren’t actively searching. Major industries are in constant need of skilled workers. Therefore, hiring managers and recruiters will often solicit people who are currently employed to see if they’re interested in making a change.

LinkedIn gives passive job seekers exposure to the hundreds of recruiters who scour the site daily in search of top talent. People who are currently employed but open to a change can even enable a setting that specifically alerts recruiters to their availability.

Self Promotion

All professionals are their own “business,” whether they realize it or not. Your career is a business, and it’s up to you to promote your personal brand. LinkedIn provides a perfect platform to gracefully self-promote from a professional perspective. In addition to outlining your employment history, the service lets users list accomplishments and testimonials.

Industry Trends

Most industries today change at warp speed. From technological innovations to new laws, there’s always something to learn. LinkedIn helps users stay current on topics that are important to their specific careers.

In the end, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying Facebook memes and video sharing. However, smart professionals should learn to dedicate regular time to LinkedIn networking. The resource greatly aids job seekers and also provides valuable information to anyone looking to stay knowledgeable in their field of employment.

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