My Amazing Life as a Traveling Nomad Recruiter  

Traveling Nomad Recruiter

What does living as a nomad mean?  

Adjective. Nomadic people travel from place to place

rather than living in one place all the time.

Recruiting allows me to have an endless amount of freedom, exploring the country or even going outside of the country. You can live anywhere and be successful.   

To really understand what I mean, here’s a glimpse of what the past couple months have looked like in my world:  

June: Florida 

I had an amazing trip to sunny Florida. I enjoyed a girls’ weekend with old friends. Our Air BnB had a strong internet connection, which meant I was able to keep my business moving while enjoying catching up with friends. After that, I spent a few days visiting Universal Studios with my son, who was home from college. I had a wireless connection the entire time and was able to take calls during the long waits in line. I even closed a deal in line for VeliciCoaster – now, how many people can say that? My group was astounded I could work from Universal Studios. And I was so happy for the opportunity to change a candidate’s life and enhance a client’s business in a booming tourist town halfway across the country. Technology is a beautiful thing! 

June: Oklahoma 

Back in Oklahoma, I rounded up Suzanne Rhoads and Tad Janssen for a face-to-face client visit. Building relationships is so important in the recruiting world! And this visit happened to coincide with a camping and kayaking trip in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, which was so fun! All the while, I had internet, which meant I could keep on moving candidates forward and following up with clients and candidates whenever needed. 

July: Arkansas 

From there, I moved over to Northwest Arkansas. I was able to watch my grandson for the week while my daughter took a vacation. And that strong internet connection kept me working! I was even able to teach my grandson some valuable laptop and Zoom etiquette skills along the way. It’s such a joy to be able to spend time with family and have an opportunity that allows me to be there when they need me. 

July: Texas 

Next up was Fort Worth, Texas. I took the Amtrak from Oklahoma to Fort Worth for a birthday celebration. And with internet availability, getting to work along the way was a piece of cake. While on the train, I was able to help Erin Alcorn with a priority move on a candidate and keep that business moving forward. I continued working from the hotel and was able to enjoy a Texas Rangers game as well as the Fort Worth Stockyards. 

July: Back to Arkansas 

I drove out to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, for a camping and kayaking trip. Closed a deal on the White River Saturday morning. Talk about a beautiful spot to work from! I worked with Vince Frankowski to close a deal on my drive over (even though he thought I was going to be killed by Ruth and Marty Byrd, for all you Ozark fans). I stopped here and there along the way in the Ozark Mountains, another fantastic spot to be able to work remotely. 

My future plans include traveling to Belize, Arizona, California, and Nevada. And from there, the sky is the limit. You can even work from the moon if you have the drive and a good, strong internet connection!    

It’s such a rewarding way to live and make the most out of each day – to be able to positively impact my clients’ businesses, my candidates’ lives, and my own personal life. Take it from me — you can build an incredible lifestyle living as a nomad!   

If you’re interested in working remotely or in the world of recruiting, I’m happy to help answer any of your questions. Reach out to me at, or learn more here.