What Is the Primary Reason New Employees Leave a Job Soon After Hire?

What Is the Primary Reason New Employees Leave a Job Soon After Hire?

📊 The results are in! 📊   

At Goodwin Recruiting, we recently asked our network of hiring managers, recruiters, and job candidates to share the top reason why a candidate would leave a job soon after being hired.  

The results we received on early employee turnover were across the board but ultimately pointed to a lack of training as a major indicator of why someone decides to leave a new job sooner rather than later.  

Here are the results of our survey on the common reasons employees leave a new job:   

The importance of training in building a strong company culture   

On the topic of training, Simon de Swaan, Senior Recruiter & Coach at Goodwin Recruiting, said, “Companies do a big disservice to themselves and new employees when they don’t spend time training and onboarding properly. This needs to start immediately after the offer is signed, to the start date, and through the first 90 days of employment. It’s the little things, such as a welcome phone call… it’s checking in with the new employee on a regular basis when they start and not having them feel they have been dropped into the deep end. New employees feel like they aren’t cared for when they don’t know who to turn to, or if they feel it’s an imposition when they ask for help. Sufficient focus on their comfort level and well-being is so important.”   

Each employee engagement or interaction, and whether a new employee feels comfortable as they ramp up in a new position, can significantly impact building a strong company culture and work environment and increasing employee retention.   

Generational differences in how people learn new skills  

Depending on the candidate, some individuals may enjoy a mix of learning-by-doing. Things don’t always click unless people get to do something on their own, to run through a process and fully understand it from start to finish. And to a certain extent, each generation is accustomed to learning things and acquiring new skills differently.  

Take this article by Generational Edge, for example. It mentions some distinctions and provides training tips for new employees from each generation:    

Silents: Be the Expert.

Give people 67 and up time to review summaries or written materials beforehand. Give them the big picture, then the details, and use real-world examples. 

Boomers: Be the Friendly Expert.

Be friendly and collegial. Give them a chance to shine by asking questions about their experiences and what they already know. 

Gen X: Be the Guide, Not the Expert.

Give them choices as to how and when they learn. Working alone may be the preference of independent Xers. Use humor. Xers learn so they can get it done. 

Millennials: Be a Collaborative Guide. 

Set up learning so that Millennials do real work and do it collaboratively. Pose challenging problems that drive them to create the solutions you want them to learn.”   

Finding the right balance in providing proper training and support while giving individuals the opportunity to figure out some of it ‘on their own’ is an important piece of the puzzle. Each company’s goal should be to provide the level of training and resources it takes for every individual to find job satisfaction and success in their current role. 

Training surveys help keep employee retention rates up  

“One of the really useful things we do at Goodwin Recruiting is send a detailed feedback survey at the end of every training session,” said Jenny Battershell, Director of Marketing at Goodwin Recruiting. “Every new trainee knows to expect that survey once training wraps up – so throughout each day, they’re thinking about what they liked and how training can improve, and they’re able to provide valuable feedback. We’ve had amazing responses over the years and use this input to update our training and day-to-day processes regularly. Job satisfaction gets an early boost when learning methods appeal to the individual and acting on that feedback is a big part of our company culture.”   

At Goodwin Recruiting, our mission is to provide extensive support for all and enhance every career path! We provide our team with highly organized and thorough training programs, not just when they are brand new but throughout their tenure, to promote growth opportunities and career advancement.

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