Find Your Niche: How an Engineering Recruiting Firm Can Help Decide What Sector of Engineering is Right for You

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Engineering usually attracts highly intelligent people. Many engineers could have excelled in a number of pursuits, yet they chose to focus on a profession that blends complex thinking with pragmatism. Yet, there are still several paths that can be taken within the field itself that an engineering recruiting firm can help find!

Some newer mechanical engineers may wonder if they should pursue automotive engineering or specialize in the aerospace sector. Others may ponder the nuance that separates petroleum engineering from the larger chemical umbrella.

Here Are the Top Reasons an Engineering Recruiting Firm Can Serve as Your Unofficial Career Coach:

Salary Expectations

All engineering sectors don’t pay similar salaries. Some, like petroleum engineering, pay significantly higher wages than the overall average. Other niches within engineering pay less but are glamour jobs in comparison. After all, a lot of people will gladly trade a few thousand dollars in income for the opportunity to launch rockets into space!

An experienced engineering recruiting firm can educate newer engineers on differences in salaries and job perks. This information isn’t just important for the position at hand but also helps prospects align long-term goals. Some engineering segments will always lag behind others in terms of salary, regardless of seniority and advancement.

Career Trajectories

Larger engineering sectors may have their own sub-sections. As addressed earlier, petroleum engineering falls into the broader category of chemical engineering. Similarly, aerospace engineering overlaps with mechanical engineering. A good engineering recruiting firm can help a newer employee chart her specific career trajectory with great precision.

Perhaps a recent university graduate wishes to work for a well-known, prestigious rocket company. Perhaps they only hire proven engineers. In that case, a good recruiter may know of a complimentary position that will teach similar skills. A stepping-stone job can be a great way to pay the bills while building a résumé that ultimately leads to a dream job!

Industry Trends

Most people have heard the expression, “Be careful what you wish for.” This warning often holds true with job seekers charting their career paths. Perhaps a newer engineer has long dreamed of working within a certain niche, only to find out it’s a dying industry.

A knowledgeable engineering recruiting firm is privy to industry trends that can affect workers later down the road. Since they’re on the hiring end of the business, they’re astutely aware of which sectors are booming and which are slowing down. Engineering candidates should freely ask recruiters about the long-term prospects of different career paths so that they can make informed decisions.

Pros & Cons by Sector

Beyond salaries and career longevity concerns, newer engineers may want to know about other aspects of various roles. For example, some positions may be more physically risky than others. Or certain segments may demand on-call work or overnight shifts. A trusted engineering recruiting firm can usually address all these questions with candor.

An engineering recruiter can also inform prospects on often-overlooked requirements for certain positions. For instance, companies with national defense contracts require workers to undergo thorough background checks. Other roles may afford significant overseas travel opportunities, which can be a plus or minus depending on perspective!

Final Considerations

Ultimately, engineers have many job opportunities. But with options come decisions, and many newer professionals may have trouble charting a course. Fortunately, a dedicated engineering recruiting firm can help address any career-related questions!

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