The Best Ways to Utilize Headhunter Services to Grow Your Healthcare Leadership Team


Sourcing top senior living and healthcare talent is difficult in today’s hot job market, but the challenge is even more pronounced when seeking to fill leadership positions. Most high-level managers and executives are happily employed, or at least not advertising that they are looking. Fortunately, professional headhunter services can help most companies achieve their recruiting goals.

Nonetheless, companies must still do their part to ensure headhunter services are successful. Here are some top considerations when seeking the help of a third-party agency.

How Can Headhunter Services Help You Grow Your Healthcare Leadership Team?

1. Specify Desired Qualities and Experience

Organizations that clearly communicate their candidate preferences empower headhunters to execute more successful searches. After all, recruiting firms can’t identify the ideal professional without knowing a client’s definition of “ideal.” Specificity is critical and should include intangible traits in addition to skills, education, and experience.

Qualifications like education and experience are black and white. However, senior living and healthcare leaders must mesh well with current employees at all organizational levels. Moreover, companies have vastly different work cultures. Be transparent about the traits you feel someone would need to fit into your organization’s leadership team off the bat. It will help your recruiting team narrow down their list of potential candidates faster.

2. Share Sample LinkedIn Profiles

Headhunters utilize LinkedIn daily, and sample profiles help them get a good grasp of clients’ expectations. Obviously, you don’t want to do the headhunter’s work, but it’s worth the time to identify a couple of dream candidates.

3. Consider Non-Local Candidates

Top healthcare talent is out there, but they may not all be local to where your facliity is geographically. Many companies are finding success by searching for qualified candidates across the entire nation. This strategy usually requires offering a relocation package. Plus, the extra investment may be worth it for organizations seeking the perfect hire.

Relocation packages empower headhunter services tremendously. For example, a senior living and healthcare leader in New England may have dreams of moving to sunny California. But they’ve never taken the leap due to the increased cost of living and associated risks. The right combination of competitive pay and an inclusive relocation package may be just what they need to finally act!

4. Ask About Placement Guarantees

Headhunters have different policies regarding placement fees and guarantees. These are important when executing a search for top-level senior living and healthcare professionals. In fact, securing a good placement guarantee may even be more critical than negotiating the lowest fee.

The guarantee should include a time period (number of days/months) and resolution terms. Does the headhunter offer a free replacement? Is replacement free for a certain time period but merely discounted after that? Guarantee terms can vary greatly between staffing agencies, so companies should do their homework!

5. Bundle Searches Together with Headhunter Services

Companies that need to fill multiple senior living and healthcare leadership positions are best served by bundling searches. There are two main benefits to this practice. First, there may be an overlap in qualified candidates that improves efficiency and the chances of successful placements.

Second, companies that present headhunters with multiple search requests usually secure priority treatment, reducing wait time. They may also consider more favorable fees and guarantee terms as a “volume” incentive.

While headhunter services are one of the best ways for companies to secure top senior living and healthcare leaders, taking certain steps improves the chances of success. Fortunately, most recruiting agencies will welcome the input and are happy to serve as resources!

Looking for Headhunter Services to build your healthcare leadership team?

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