Chipotle Planning “Better Burger”

In light of recent adversity faced by the company over the past few months, Chipotle plans to add a new delicious addition to their restaurant chain. Diverting from the core concept of tacos and burritos, Chipotle will now be expanding their brand further by opening a new chain of hamburger restaurants.

“Better Burgers” is the hopeful trademark name Chipotle has applied for, with the purpose to represent a fast casual burger joint that incorporates custom orders and fresh ingredients. Similar to Chipotle’s other business ventures such as the South Asian eatery “ShopHouse” and casual pizza chain “Pizzeria Locale,” the company will certainly prove that they can provide delectable eats in every category.

Although the “Better Burgers” name has not been approved yet, we can anticipate that Chipotle will bring a great burger to the table!