Mechanical Engineering Recruitment Partners

Goodwin Recruiting’s Mechanical Engineering recruiting team understands both the broad nature of mechanical engineering and the specific niches that define it. We are dedicated to helping manufacturing firms find the talent they require to design and build the mechanical systems that will bring success. Your success is our success at Goodwin Recruiting, and we are committed to making sure you have the right talent to meet the challenge.

At Goodwin Recruiting, we make your roles a top priority by following a specific, proven process for sourcing and identifying the right talent. We begin that process by defining the requirements for the engineering talent you need in high detail. We meet with you to create a blueprint for the job using a detailed framework. We then interview potential direct hire matches to ensure they are a fit for your engineering jobs before we send them to you.

We have proven experience in a wide range of engineering specialties, from aerospace and automotive to robotics and medical device engineering. We understand the changing landscape with the influx of new technologies and automation, and we can help you find the right skill sets in the engineering candidates you are considering that fit the needs of your organization today, and in the future. 

Not only do we have a team well versed in mechanical engineering, we also have electrical engineering recruitment specialists and civil engineering recruitment specialists who can help find the right talent with the right skill sets today. Let Goodwin Recruiting help you with all of your engineering recruiting needs today.

Mechanical engineer analyzes his design.

Mechanical Engineer Jobs We Fill

  • Controls Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Materials Engineers
  • Mechanical Drafters
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Structural Drafters
  • Structural Engineers
  • Systems Engineers

Partner with a top Mechanical Engineering Recruiting Firm

At Goodwin Recruiting, we help engineering professionals across North America find the right roles to advance their careers. We are not a traditional staffing firm, pushing candidates into any open role. We take our job as a mechanical engineering recruitment firm seriously, and we consult with you about the goals of your job search and where you see your professional opportunities leading you long term. Discover the difference Goodwin’s mechanical engineer recruiters can make for your career.