Mendocino Farms Thrives On Delivery

Our client Mendocino Farms was recently featured in Restaurant Hospitality and a GrubHub sponsored panel titled “Delivery Disruption” for their surprise success in food delivery. Mario Del Pero, co-founder and CEO of Mendocino Farms, didn’t plan for his concept to thrive on food delivery. Mendocino Farms, which was intended for catering, was introduced to the delivery side of business when a third-party delivery provider, Postmates, was delivering Mendocino Farms’ food without Del Pero’s knowledge.

Rather than canceling the inbound orders, Del Pero conversed with the delivery companies, which created dynamic relationships between the brand and the provider.

Mendocino Farms then partnered up with DoorDash, and now brings in about $2 million in delivery sales. Although Mendocino Farms is not officially partnered with Postmates, they continue to deliver their food, which contributes about $700,00 in sales for Mendocino Farms.

Congratulations Mendocino Farms for your continuing success!