Uncle Maddio’s Gains New Investor

Uncle Maddio’s categorizes themselves as being next generation pizza. They have truly transformed what was once considered peasant food and transformed it into an elegant dish. At Uncle Maddio’s everything is fresh, from the pizza dough that’s made in-store each day to the locally-grown vegetables that are delivered every morning. The pizza has 3 different dough options, 6 different sauce options and over 45 different cheese, meat or veggie toppings, giving customers the power to make their perfect pizza.

These pies are made in front of you while you instruct the pizza maker directly what you’d like to add. It’s fresh, fast, but most important it’s personalized, and this is what attracted Atlanta attorney, Rutherford Seydel. Previous to his investment in Uncle Maddio’s, Seydel invested in Moe’s Southwest Grill before it was sold to Roark Capital’s Focus Brands in 2007, solidifying his passion for franchise investment. He was excited to work with Matt Andrew, cofounder of Moe’s and owner of Uncle Maddio’s, but wanted to see the fast-casual pizza chain reach a certain level before he committed. Once that goal was achieved the partnership was finalized.

With the help of Seydel, Maddio’s will be able to hire staff to support a growing number of franchises that will take the chain to the nationwide level that Andrews wants. All of Uncle Maddio’s 44 locations are franchised and the chain has big plans to add 30 in 2016 and another 50 in 2017. Not only will Seydel be an investor but he will also have a seat on the restaurant’s board which will be very beneficial for the company because of his connections.

Seydel has relationships with many bank financiers that could help franchisees get the funds that they need to open new units. Even more so, Andrew commented that Seydel’s investment in Uncle Maddio’s proves that the chain has a lot of potential, considering Seydel is presented with many investment opportunities every day and he can only accept the ones he feels most confident in.

It may have been the customizable pizza that hooked Seydel, or the rapidly growing subsector of fast-casual pizza in the restaurant industry, but whatever it was Uncle Maddio’s has gained a great partner!