2015 Next 20 Restaurant Brands

The Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) recently announced the 2015 Next 20 Restaurant Brands. According to NRN these restaurant chains are best positioned to enter the universe of Top 200 chains, in terms of U.S. system wide sales. More specifically these restaurants were chosen because they are both established, yet still developing. Goodwin Hospitality would like to congratulate California Tortilla, Tahoe Joe’s, Rosati’s Pizza, and Shake Shack!

California Tortilla considers their style of cooking and service to be Mexican re-imagined. This particular franchise prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients. They don’t have freezers and they chop, slice and mash everything by hand. In addition, to ensure a fresh and tasty flavor, the don’t do large batch cooking. Instead they make everything in small batches throughout the day. Their flavorful food isn’t the only thing that brings customers back. Every employee for California Tortilla is taught to view the guest before them as an individual, not a number. They’re encouraged to provide them recommendations, and answer any questions customers may have. It’s these reasons that they earned a spot on the list.

Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse is known for their warm and friendly atmosphere. With lodge pine log beams stretched throughout spacious ceilings and hand painted teepee lamps, you definitely get the feeling you’re near Lake Tahoe. It also helps that the steak at Tahoe Joe’s is to die for. Their meat is USDA, Midwest corn beef, cut thick, and charbroiled over a hard wood fire. Additionally all their food is made from scratch using the finest ingredients, creating an all around wonderful dining experience.

Rosati’s Pizza is truly one of a kind. The first Rosati Pizza was opened in Chicago, by the sons of Sam Rosati, in 1964. By 1978 a total of ten individual Rosati family members opened their own Rosati Pizza locations. Finally in 1979 the family decided it was time to expand the business and so they began franchising the Rosati’s Pizza concept. What makes their pizza so unique is the sauce recipe that’s been passed down through generations. To compliment this outstanding sauce, their vegetables are fresh from the fields, and their pizza dough is made fresh daily, never frozen. If a secret sauce doesn’t make you want to head over and try their pizza we don’t know what will.

And last but not least, Shake Shack. Starting as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, this modern day burger stand servers up some of the best burgers, hot dogs, frozen custards, and shakes around. They’ve transformed these classics into high-quality, fresh, yet simple, meals. Shake Shack also works hard to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as give back to whatever community they surround themselves with. This combination secures their spot on the list.

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