The World’s Hottest New Hotels For 2015

While the world was dwelling on the recession they were facing, hotel brands were focused on creating a future plan for when the decline passed. That time is now here and the travel world has truly capitalized on this major upturn, and hoteliers are no longer playing it safe. It seems that big-brands are diversifying and steering away from what they are known so famously for. Hotels who are praised for their outstanding city hotels are opening resorts, and hotel brands known for peaceful sanctuaries in remote places are moving to big major cities like Tokyo. Below is a list of the World’s Hottest New Hotels for 2015. 

  1. Aman Tokyo is opening their first urban hotel and promises to offer the faithful and virgin Aman fans a new take on their signature style. This new hotel has 360 views over the megalopolis and Mount Fuji, a 100-foot-high lobby atrium modeled on a paper lantern, traditional gardens and 84 of the largest rooms and suites in the city. If that doesn’t sound luxurious we must be picturing completely different hotels. 
  2. Mandarin Oriental, will take over Marrakech, Morocco, with all the services of a leading international luxury brand but in an intimate environment. The hotel offers only 54 private-walled villas and 7 suites. The olive-grove exoticism of the desert Palmeraie region paired with the proximity of the historic medina, makes this resort truly one of a kind. 
  3. Billionaire entrepreneur and art collector Alex Vik will be opening two hotels, Bahia Vik in Uruguay, and Vina Vik in Millahue, Chile. Bahia Vik displays a large focus on art and architecture throughout the 11 uniquely designed bungalows and the 10 suites in the main building, and Vina Vik is likely to offer the same experience and feel.
  4. Faena Hotel is coming to Miami Beach in September 2015. Faena Hotels are known for taking over Buenos Aires, becoming the most valuable real estate in the Faena District. Luckily for Miami residents, they will be moving north, creating a hotel with 169 rooms and suites, a private screening room, a theatre for live cabaret shows and a spa. 
  5. Opening in mid-2015 the Douro Valley, which is the oldest-wine producing region in the world, will finally bring Six Senses’ beyond Asia. The eco-friendly barefoot luxury is fitted into a 19th century manor house, with 57 rooms, suites and villas, an extensive spa with locally inspired grape-and-olive-based treatments, and a large yoga pavilion. As for their restaurant most of the ingredients are grown on-site, and served in the restaurants or at “pop-up” tables set by the Douro River. 
  6. The Hacienda Bambusa will be reopening in December, in the beautiful Colombia thanks to a stable government, improved safety, investment in luxury travel and convenient JetBlue flights from New York to Cartagena. This eight-room hotel overlooks a working hacienda with 500 acres of cacao, plantains, tangerines, and pineapples. 
  7. Last but not least Malliouhana resorts will be reopened November in Anguilla after a three-year closure. With considerable investment by its new owners the distinctive architecture and staggering sea views can be enjoyed by guests.