The Doughnut Plant

The first bakery owned by Herman Isreal was in Burlington, North Carolina. In 1935 Herman and his family moved down the road to Greensboro where he opened up The College Pastry Shop. The success of his business could have been attributed to the fact that he made all his cakes, cookies, and breads from scratch, or it could have been connected to his creative products. After Herman passed Mark, Herman’s grandson, took over the business moving it to New York City, and renaming it the Doughnut Plant, however the doughnut recipe remained the same.

Here we are today, August 2015, and the Doughnut Plant is still dedicated to providing customers fresh products. Yesterday, the company promoted their Peanut Butter & Jam Square Filled doughnuts, reassuring customers that their peanuts are roasted straight from a farm in Georgia and that they make their own peanut butter in house. In addition they also make their jam with fresh blackberries. Does it get any better than that? Next time you’re in the New York area be sure to check them out!