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Ethnic equality in hiring is crucial for a lot of reasons. Not only is it the right thing to do morally, but it also has resounding benefits for the individual, the organization, the people they serve, and society. Strengthening the fabric of our companies, communities, and the world we live in is an initiative we should all care about and pursue.  

February is Ethic Equality Month – a good time for American companies and hiring managers to consider the extraordinary benefits of a hiring initiative with an intentional focus on racial equity.  

All ethnic hiring roads lead to success for a company and its people  

Think about it. A company that values ethnic equality in hiring is more likely to foster a positive, inclusive, and equitable culture. Implementing these strategies leads to increased job satisfaction and team retention – and it positions a company to attract top talent. A reputation for valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace also leads to better company performance, at both the bottom line and in the hiring market.  

The labor market is richly populated with exceptionally talented, highly educated, and impressively accomplished professionals who hail from diverse ethnic groups. What company can afford to overlook a vast pool of talent in today’s tight hiring market? Yet despite claims of being equal opportunity employers, it is surprising that hiring disparities and racial discrimination against ethnic minorities still exist. It is truly a human resources tragedy, considering the dramatic benefits and talent to be gained through an ethnic equality hiring initiative. 

But it’s not just about the company.  

Diversity in hiring is about customers, too  

Think about the demographic makeup of today’s consumers, including not only your customers but the organizations and partners with whom you do business. These demographics almost certainly comprise people from a diverse mix of White, Black, African American, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, and many other ethnic groups. 

Organizations that value ethnic equality in hiring are more equipped to understand and serve the diverse needs of their customers. A company that truly understands its customers is better able to serve them and nurture their affinity and loyalty. This leads to a winning company, inside and out. 

Research proves that ethnic diversity is a competitive advantage 

Don’t just take my word for it. Multiple studies have shown that racial equity and diverse teams are more creative, innovative, and effective at decision-making and problem-solving than homogeneous teams. And when you have teams who are innovative and effective, this leads to greater success. Companies with a diverse workforce are 35% more likely to experience greater financial returns than their competitors.  

Ethnic diversity and ethnic equality in hiring affect us all and the world we live in. We should all care about and value the success that comes from creating a more equitable world. This is a key step every organization can take to improve their cultures, team performance, customer satisfaction, and the company’s bottom line.

Effective leadership is the guiding star  

Ethnic equality in hiring, along with organization-wide diversity policies, have become a top priority for today’s leading American organizations. This brand of leadership requires executives, human resources leaders, and professionals in management with the skills, knowledge, and competency to not only lead individuals, teams, and companies forward, but also implement, elevate, and maintain DEI initiatives.  

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