Recruiting Candidate Information Kit

Thank you for your interest in Goodwin Recruiting

We are interested in partnering with the highest level candidates who are committed to the business philosophy of Goodwin Recruiting. We seek candidates who will add long-term value to our brand name and enhance our reputation and value to our current clients, future clients, and the thousands of candidates we do business with. Becoming a recruiting partner is not right for everyone, but for the right person, at the correct time in their career, making this transition can be life changing on many levels.

The opportunity to become a recruiter with us offers unlimited earning potential and a chance to run your own business while partnering with one of the top, most diverse and successful recruiting agencies in the U.S. Our program provides:

  • Detailed training in all of our recruiting services
  • All the required platforms and infrastructure documents
  • Access to hundreds of current clients and candidates
  • Unmatched leadership support
  • The opportunity to do business with our current network of recruiting partners throughout the country

We are fully committed to providing our new partners with unparalleled support and follow-up by working side by side with the new members of our business family.

Thank you for considering Goodwin Recruiting as a career opportunity. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you in the event we begin an interview process. The material contained in this information kit is designed to help you learn about the opportunity in more specific detail prior to initiating a conversation with our business family to ensure we are speaking with serious candidates only. Please visit each section of the information kit carefully. The FAQ section should cover many of the questions you may have, but feel free to contact us if other questions need answering.

*This information cannot be disseminated or used for any purpose other than for informational purposes for you without our written consent. It cannot be reproduced or shared with any other party, and by reading and accepting these information kits, you agree to not disclose its contents and acknowledge the content as proprietary to Goodwin Recruiting and the confidential nature of the information.

A Letter from Our Founder

The following summary is designed with the hope of conveying the ‘spirit’ of the opportunity at Goodwin Recruiting while exploring some key concepts and policies. It is not comprehensive but should provide some insight for those considering a career move to Goodwin Recruiting.

Dear Potential Partner,

We provide training based on more than two decades of success and experience, a structured team environment, a supportive and positive culture, combined with professional and state of the art tools and support materials. Our interpretation of a business partnership is based on two concepts: ‘risk and reward’ and “I can understand a skill by reading about it; I can acquire a skill by doing it.”

We believe our program to be superior to other opportunities out there based on our experience and history, and our team’s genuine interest in supporting our new partners. True success can only be attained through situations where there is a potential risk and a potential reward. Your results will be based solely on the decisions you make and how well you implement them. This is how we develop people — by giving our team the responsibility of the decision and allowing them to reap the rewards and if applicable, absorb the losses. We believe that ‘you are the creator of your success’ and ‘you are the CEO of you and your income.’

A recruiting partner with 0% imagination and 100% discipline can build a successful foundation in their first year. If you add business instincts and an ‘ownership of my business’ approach, this is a proven recipe for a long-term thriving business. Since 1999 we have seen almost every situation imaginable in the recruiting business, and we know the right formula for success. Only the willingness to work hard and the ability to put these winning strategies to work are required for success. We will always be there to show you what we believe is the right path, but it is up to you to follow it.

In order to achieve true development, all earnings and accolades must be based on results only. Your earnings will be based on your efforts and successes in closing deals while distinguishing yourself with your client with high-value positions that are built with extraordinary efforts. It’s important to note that someone may work the exact same number of hours as you, but earn tens of thousands more or less each year because of skill, persistence, perseverance, or personal habits. Everyone has the same power to write their own paycheck but only each person individually can make it happen. Our business is not the right business for those who rely on others for their successes or make excuses or blame others for their lack of success.

Being invited to partner as a representative of Goodwin Recruiting and its brand in the marketplace, utilize the valuable time of the training and leadership team, and use the financial resources of Goodwin Recruiting requires our candidates to treat this opportunity with great enthusiasm and a commitment to make it work long term. Not everyone commencing a partnership will make it and be successful. The first 90 days are a critical period for each new partner, to earn our business family’s trust and to ensure our company’s effort is being validated as a smart time investment. We need to further ensure that our hard-earned positive reputation is being upheld with a commitment to excellence.

This opportunity works best for those who have demonstrated a past success of earning in the $60,000 to $150,000 range, shown confidence in areas of leadership and organizational skills, and have a never-say-die attitude.

We are proud to offer a turnkey business opportunity to the right candidate, with successes rooted in each individual person’s ability to build their business with passion and be independently results driven.


Eric Goodwin
Goodwin Recruiting

Mission Statement and Core Values

Our Mission: To be the Recruiting Company of Choice for our Partners, Clients, and Candidates

Our Core Values:

  1. Integrity in Everything We Do
  2. Dedicated to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  3. Creator of Your Own Success
  4. Congruent Relationships
  5. Extensive Support
  6. Timely & Transparent Communication
  7. Keep it Simple
  8. Be the Best

Position Description

Recruiting Partner Position Description 

  • The recruiting partner requires an independent, self-motivated person, who is capable of managing one’s time effectively based on results-based activities. A true professional is committed to working a daily plan consistently, being disciplined, aggressive, commanding the sales process with authority, building congruent relationships and being a strong closer.
  • The position is a 100% commissioned full-cycle recruiting position. Like any commission-based role, ours is designed for someone who possesses motivation, drive, initiative, commitment to working towards targets, and a strong desire to earn in order to find success.
  • Goodwin Recruiting’s business model and cornerstone philosophies are based on building client relationships in person whenever possible. We believe building long-term relationships and putting in the effort to travel and meet clients in person distinguishes us from many mediocre companies and individuals who seek to operate their business through email or phone only. Our goal is to not operate on the same level as most companies who do not put the effort forth to build long lasting and meaningful relationships with clients and candidates.
  • Each partner typically works from a home office environment. The position requires a professional home office space that is free from distraction or interruptions and that meets Goodwin brand standards for webcam meetings and interviews. The space should provide you with adequate means to stay focused on producing the results set forth in your business plan. In addition, a new partner must have their own computer and internet connection. Goodwin Recruiting provides all other materials.
  • The position requires individual planning, goal setting, and the drive to work independently, minimizing distractions, and sticking to a successful plan. Business maturity and savvy are key elements to the most successful consultants. A person requiring constant oversight, a bullpen environment, and someone to keep them on a winning and successful plan will struggle running their own business.
  • The mantras at Goodwin Recruiting are ‘You are the creator of your success’ and ‘Never mistake activity for achievement.’ We take great pride in providing outstanding training, support, a culture of honesty and candor, a diverse and inclusive work environment, innovative and high-quality tools and support materials, accountability, and systems and standards that provide the outstanding framework a successful person needs to achieve outstanding results. It’s up to each person to use the history, training, and materials of Goodwin Recruiting to build relationships and drive sales. Those who typically point fingers at others, are poor listeners who talk more than listen, expect results without the effort or command of the process, or are excuse makers are not the right match.

Career Path

Entry Point and Enhanced Opportunities All independent contractors begin their partnership as a recruiting partner and have various opportunities to grow their income through increased commissions.

Entry Point: Recruiter

  • $1450 Business Partnership Fee
  • Recruiter earns 48% on sales commissions to start
  • Independent Contractor Status

Senior Recruiter

  • Once $50K is achieved in recruiting sales and three recruiting fee agreements are signed, title is updated, and commission increases to 50% on placements

Recruiting Coach

The Recruiting Coach program is designed to recognize high performers and strong ambassadors of the Goodwin Recruiting Brand. This opportunity will allow our current recruiters to invest time coaching and developing newer or struggling recruiters on their team. Additional commissions are awarded for their time commitment and dedication to growing our partners’ success.

Employment Opportunities

For those partners who are high performers and strong ambassadors of the Goodwin Recruiting Brand while demonstrating the commitment and skill set to be a leader, there are additional employment opportunities in a leadership role. There are opportunities to grow in both a support and training role as well as potential other opportunities that may arise with the aggressive growth at Goodwin Recruiting. Goodwin Recruiting is committed to hiring our leadership positions from existing partners based on performance so if you strive to be a leader, the opportunities are there for the best partners. You can grow to the level you wish; “You are the Creator of your Success.”

Training and Ongoing Support

At Goodwin Recruiting, we understand that many people joining our team are embracing a new skill set. Because of this, we offer a comprehensive training program through a virtual learning environment. Our goal in training is to provide all of the resources available, review the key philosophies in embarking on a recruitment and sales type position, instruct on the technical aspects of this type of position, and instill the core values of Goodwin Recruiting in the manner in which we do business. Our dedication to training is focused on providing the most detailed support possible in starting a new career.

Our training program, created by our Vice President of Training and Development, is led by our team of trainers and supported by our coaches. The team approach provides a clear message as to our culture and core values, by offering a platform to hear different techniques, styles, and success stories. Each new partner will have a “go to” person for support after training ends.

Our training program takes place virtually from one’s home office over a two-week period. Once training commences, the expectation of an 8 am – 6 pm local time commitment begins as well for the duration of training. Each structured day is comprised of self-guided videos, online group sessions to review the mechanical aspects of the job, followed by the conceptual understanding of each task in the big picture. In addition, daily review of the Goodwin Recruiting culture and how it influences all of our relationships occurs.

After the instructional aspect takes place, practice exercises and immediate implementation of the tasks occur to ensure strong understanding and the ability to learn by doing. To complement the group sessions, individual one-on-one sessions or smaller group sessions are provided where each team member is partnered with a trainer to review philosophies, practice tasks, and answer questions in a more personal setting. This allows each person to learn at their own pace through individualized coaching while still staying on pace with the training group as a whole. The feedback and coaching provided during these sessions is essential to the ramp-up and success of each team member.

As training concludes, each person is provided a clear set of goals for the first six months that outlines a path to success. The goals are realistic yet progressive, offering new partners a clear idea of a natural path to follow to ensure you are moving in the right direction. Our Development Coordinators will then begin to execute working sessions with you to partner in the various components of the role and coach you individually to improve your efficiency and productivity. You will also be paired with a Regional Director, who will offer regular support sessions to ensure your business is improving on a day-to-day basis and be there to answer any questions you may have. This personalized attention enables you to find your footing faster and capitalize on your strengths while still reinforcing areas for improvement to create a more well-rounded and strong ability to become successful.

The ultimate goal of our training is to teach the practical and technical aspects of the position, share and instill our core values on what makes our company different and better than our competition, while demonstrating to our new business family members our commitment to assisting them in every possible way in finding success in their new career. It is also our goal to facilitate an expedited ramp-up period in training, with real-world action to help our new team members find financial success and traction as quickly as possible while not compromising on quality. We understand the importance of finding financial success as quickly as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a split fee? 

As soon as you join the team, you are able to work split placements with your teammates who do have current job openings. A split fee occurs when one partner has the candidate and another partner has the client and the job order. Each partner works in conjunction with the other partner as a team together to make the placement. Essentially, each side is doing half of the work. Splits are a big part of the revenue base of Goodwin Recruiting and income opportunity with the myriad of job orders we are always looking to fill. It’s a great way to best serve our clients, create options for our candidates, and increase the chances of making a successful placement. Commissions on splits are outlined on the “Career Path” section in this kit.

What can I expect working from home?

Working from home is NOT for everyone. You must be very motivated, driven, and disciplined to be successful working from home. There are many people who are successful in their careers because they hold themselves accountable. Working from home allows for many personal distractions and freedoms, which can be the downfall of some new partners. For the right person, working from home is a much-needed change.

Successful partners have transitioned well because they have a business ownership mindset that sets them apart from those who look for others to bring them success or hold them accountable. We embrace the ‘you are the creator of your own success’ philosophy. Those who take full ownership of their income and business, do the best.

Those who wait for others or something else to make them successful, or have that nature in their personality, will not do well in this business. We train on results-based activities and the actual implementation of that plan is up to each partner and their motivations. The earnings upside is limitless and there is no cap on one’s income. That can be a mixed blessing for some. Most people yearn for that environment, but in the end, it is only suited for the most motivated and ambitious personalities.

What does Goodwin Recruiting provide?

  • Use of all the forms, planners, and systems in place and developed since 1999
  • Comprehensive training and post-training support
  • Company websites, which are maintained and updated to properly market the company to attract new clients and candidates
  • Access to company marketing materials, branded stationery, business cards, and thank you cards
  • Fee agreements for all services
  • Support with access to the top job boards and resume databases
  • A library of successful ads utilized to attract top candidates
  • Applicant Tracking System to manage all your candidates and clients
  • Exposure on all major social media sites
  • Candidate and client e-newsletters for relationship building
  • Candidate surveys to help you manage your business analytically
  • Client surveys to measure your service levels
  • Support from our business office, accounting, and collections team
  • Weekly team calls and on-going training and development calls

How long does it take to get paid?

This position is 100% commission. Once you make your first placement, you will not receive a check for approximately 30 to 60 days based on the cycle of resignation, start date, and payment. We are very motivated and supportive to work with each new partner to help them with the ramp-up period and start cash flowing ASAP. We realize how important that is for them and their families. Most people receive their first paycheck between 3.5 – 4.5 months from the start date, but this varies based on performance.

What level of interaction can be expected with the Goodwin Recruiting team?

One of the great aspects of our company is our business family. We are a tight-knit group of hard-working professionals. We hold weekly conference calls, which vary their focus between training, numbers, business, team building, and fun games. We believe the interaction is important and helps connect us over the geographic miles that separate us physically by being spread out across the country. Aside from the weekly calls to connect, there is tremendous partner-to-partner communication on deals and business, support, and personal contact.

Will I have a company representative to assist me in the development of my a new career?

Our extensive support team works side by side with each new partner to get their business lifted off the ground and cash flowing. As time progresses, leadership involvement will be adjusted based on the needs of each partner.

What is the interview process?

Webcam interviews will be conducted by the leadership team of Goodwin Recruiting, including our Internal Recruiters, Regional Directors, Area Developers, and VPs.

Will I receive any clients or be introduced to any existing clients?

Ultimately everyone is responsible for growing the Goodwin Recruiting client portfolio. We may also provide you with accounts to rekindle in the event a relationship has gone stagnant, a hiring manager left the company, or it has not produced results even with a fee agreement in place. Again this is performance and location-based and is at the sole discretion of leadership. However, based on the opportunity to work on split deals you will be introduced to open positions to begin filling during your first week of training.

What is a “fall-off”?

A “fall-off” occurs when a placement is made, but the candidate either does not start or it does not work out with the new company and the company elects to part ways. Fall-offs are a realistic part of the business and are unfortunate when they occur. On average, 10% of all placements fall off. New partners should be aware that fall-offs do occur, and although we do everything to mitigate that from happening, fall-offs are a part of the business.

What are the traits of a successful partner and those who earn top commissions?

  • Being a great listener in training and with clients and candidates. Those who aren’t great listeners miss out on all the little things that lead to placements, sales, and great relationships.
  • Our most successful partners are hard-working, dedicated, aggressive and possess a “Do Whatever it Takes” mentality.
  • Possess the ability to be authentic and genuine, while also staying authoritative. You must be a commander of your business.
  • Organized, good time management and detailed.
  • Be able to handle rejection and not take it personally.

What is the sales process? How do we obtain clients and candidates?

Growing your business involves making connections and growing relationships on both the candidate and client side. We obtain new clients and candidates in different ways:


  • Referrals from our other clients when we earn their trust and respect
  • Our candidates who are leaving certain companies
  • Our candidates who become hiring managers
  • Our website and job board detailing specific client benefits, testimonials, and lead forms
  • Industry networking
  • Prospecting from online boards, which show who is hiring and in need of managers
  • Marketing by phone and in person to build a diversified client base


  • Referrals from our other candidates when we earn their trust and respect (clients want candidates they can’t source on their own)
  • Our clients, who refer candidates to us that are not right for them or departing from their organization, when we earn their trust and respect
  • Our website with our job board and online application page
  • Goodwin Recruiting has multiple partnerships with all of the most current job boards and job aggregators at no charge to our partners
  • Direct recruiting to uncover passive prospects

Where is the recruiting market heading in the future?

The combined total of managers, professionals, and executives needed for the industries we recruit in is 4.6 million new positions in the next ten years to meet growth and turnover demands. When clients need managers and there is a shortage, it puts us in a great position to help them. While many industry thought-leaders predict that data and automation will revolutionize the industry we stand firm in the conviction that in the end, qualified recruiters remain a key method of locating the right candidate for difficult-to-fill positions. Nothing will ever replace that need completely. Couple that statistic with our two decades of success, a long client list and a winning philosophy of personalizing the process, and we are in a good position for continued growth.

What are the day-to-day responsiblities of a recruiting partner?


  • Candidate sourcing – using numerous outlets to source resumes (Goodwin Recruiting site, online networking sites, direct recruiting, job boards, etc.)
  • In-depth Interviewing – conducting 12-15 interviews per week to determine the most viable candidates to submit to our clients
  • Prepping/Debriefing – we thoroughly prepare candidates before each interview and debrief for a thorough follow-up after each interview
  • Client sourcing – Researching various companies to reach out to and then cold calling and emailing them consistently


  • Regular communication on job orders, candidates, and relationship building with the client portfolio you oversee
  • Spending time networking with other partners to learn details of job orders and grow knowledge of our client base

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Posting job orders to the Goodwin Recruiting website
  • Updating ads on job boards regularly and posting new ads continuously
  • Daily maintenance of our Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Weekly tracking of calls and results

Are there any costs to starting my own business?

To share in the expense and initial investment in your business, we do require a $1450 Business Partnership Fee. This represents a fraction of the cost of these tools and resources during the three-month ramp up window. As investors, we are willing to carry the larger portion of the financial investment at the onset of your business. You are responsible for setting up your own home office with an up to date computer and internet speed. Your commitment and ongoing dedication is necessary for the future of your business. Together, in partnership, we are always united in our success.