Therese Holliday

Areas Of Specialty

Therese’s decades of experience in Healthcare, IT, and Sales & Marketing plus owning and running her own business gave her the insight needed to truly understand your business hiring needs.

Therese worked as Intl. Sales Manager in the high-tech industry, moving to web design/hosting/marketing, then managing a team contracted with NASA Ames. Her passion for helping people drove her into holistic healthcare in a pain clinic and her own clinic as both a practitioner and clinic director. She grew up in Southern Germany attending German Gymnasium and speaks English and German. Her college efforts for an international business degree ended when she acquired the position for which she was attending college. She has traveled to 30 countries on business and for pleasure and loves getting to know people from around the world. Therese’s passion is in helping those entering the workforce, especially those with special needs. She also plans to take her efforts to the international market, Europe specifically. Working with Goodwin allows her this flexibility!

With years of running her own business in various industries, Therese decided to speak with a recruiter in her new geographical home of Conroe, Texas. That recruiter asked her if she had thought of implementing the decades of experience to help businesses fill their void in personnel. Challenge accepted.. and loving it!

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