Shawnell Miller

Areas Of Specialty

Shawnell is an experienced Diversity Recruiter passionate about fostering inclusive work environments. Leveraging her personal life experiences, Shawnell connects companies with diverse talent that brings innovation and progress. Thoroughly vetting candidates, She assesses qualifications, skills, and cultural fit. Shawnell builds strong client relationships and tailors recruitment strategies to meet unique diversity goals. Going beyond resumes, Shawnell prioritizes meaningful connections, ensuring the right match for both candidates and companies.

Shawnell possesses over seven years of extensive experience in full-cycle recruiting across diverse industries. Her primary passion lies in effectively connecting individuals with suitable opportunities. She demonstrates a willingness to undertake recruiting challenges in demanding industries, driven by her strong belief in discerning the right person beyond a mere resume. Holding a degree in communications, she thrives on delving deeply into discussions with both clients and candidates to gain a comprehensive understanding of their specific needs.

In 2019, Shawnell embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by establishing her first business as a career and life coach. While she found immense fulfillment in this role, she realized she missed the dynamic field of recruiting and yearned to leverage her skills to guide individuals toward promising career paths. Recognizing this passion, she made the decision to establish a new business, partnering with Goodwin in the realm of recruiting. Shawnell expertly melds her entrepreneurial spirit and steadfast faith into every facet of her professional life. Additionally, as a devoted mother and wife, she cherishes the ability to work from home, allowing her to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others in a flexible and balanced manner.

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