Eric Miller

Areas Of Specialty

Eric’s passion has always been to contribute to the success of others, a trait that has benefited him across various domains: corporate, personal relationships, and even recruiting. He has a keen eye for detail yet maintains flexibility to accommodate the common human experiences we all share.

Eric has held several leadership positions across various industries, providing him with a well-rounded perspective that enriches his interactions with clients and candidates. This breadth of experience allows him to serve as a genuine partner to both parties, leveraging his extensive knowledge to anticipate business needs and align expectations effectively.

Eric is a husband and father of 3 sons. They both work closely with community youth, sharing their life lessons to help them navigate the challenges of transitioning into adulthood. His partnership with Goodwin has been a logical extension of both his degree in HRM and the activities he engaged in professionally. It is a true joy for him to facilitate win-win situations for both employers and applicants who might otherwise struggle to find each other. He continues to live by the motto: “If I help enough people realize their dream, I will achieve mine as well!”

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