The Most Popular Work-from-Home Jobs Are Expanding

The Most Popular Work-from-Home Jobs Are Expanding

If you thought you knew all the different types of remote jobs that are available today, think again! While professionals and companies have relied on this working model for decades, where possible or necessary, the days are long gone when such jobs fit only certain areas of the business. From start-ups to small businesses and large and multinational organizations, companies across industries have adapted to this model, in full or in part. 

A constantly growing bounty of work-from-home (WFH) jobs arose during the pandemic and also during massive growth in the gig economy over the past ten years. So yes, today’s remote work landscape is expansive, fanning out across numerous functionalities that are either new or traditionally required on-site attendance. 

Even though many companies are calling employees back to the office in our post-pandemic world, just as many have normalized remote, flexible, and hybrid working arrangements. And a growing number are introducing or expanding access to permanently remote, virtual, and work-from-home jobs. 

Unpacking the reasons for growth in remote work 

The pandemic substantially enlarged the type and scope of work that could be successfully performed off-site. Pew Research tells us how it began to unfold with results from its study to understand the experiences of employed adults during the pandemic. Their survey revealed that working from home is a new experience for a majority of workers (57%), who said they rarely or never worked from home before the coronavirus outbreak. 

This trend dramatically reshaped company operations, as well as the working and hiring landscape, and consequentially, the mindset of the workforce at large. Now more than two years into the pandemic, the writing is on the wall for what professionals will do to sustain the freedom they have gained through newfound remote work.  

In May 2022, the Zapier Report: The Future of Work revealed conclusions that echo statistics and trends of many other industry studies, as well as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:  

  • 32% of respondents quit their jobs because they didn’t have the option to work remotely 
  • 61% said they would quit their current job for a fully remote opportunity  

The workforce is adamant about remote work! In Zapier’s report, respondents who would quit their current role for a fully remote opportunity are broken down into age groups:   

  • 100% of respondents aged 18-24  
  • 64% of respondents aged 25 -34  
  • 65% of respondents aged 35-44 
  • 87.5% of respondents aged 45-54  
  • 50% of respondents aged 54+ 

What are the most in-demand remote jobs today?  

Thanks to technology, fast internet connections, and the flexible working models of employers with full-time and part-time jobs for remote workers, working from home is an attractive and gettable method of generating income. Below are several of the most popular opportunities favored by today’s professionals looking for everything from entry-level work to jobs requiring years of experience. 

The list is by no means definitive, so use it as a springboard and explore what’s out there that aligns with your skills and experience. If you prefer to take a shortcut, reach out to a recruiter like us. We can quickly match your interests and compensation requirements with employers and other service providers that are hiring.  

  • Sales Jobs: For sales reps, the sky can be the limit in your earning potential! Companies in essentially every industry are looking for professionals with experience in sales force development, lead generation, market research, inbound and outbound sales, sales analytics, and new business development. Think about your knowledge base and experience, and approach companies that could use your unique expertise to expand their customer bases.  
  • Research and Analyst Jobs: If you dream of conducting research from the comfort of your home or crunching numbers and creating data analysis and visualization reports, you’ll find a plethora of remote work opportunities in just about any industry. All you need is a desktop or laptop and a company needing a freelancer, contractor, or remote employee to do this important work to help them make important decisions. Familiarity with mainstream analytics software is helpful, but many employers have their preferences and are willing to train. 
  • Writer Jobs: Bloggers, freelance writers, copywriters, journalists – take note! The professional writing landscape has never been more fertile for newcomers and veterans alike. Whether you have solid experience and communications skills or a knack for producing compelling copy, jobs are abundant across numerous disciplines, from sales materials to websites, editing, proofreading, transcribing, social media marketing, books, newspapers, magazines, employee and corporate communications, and even grant writing and academic writing. Remote jobs are also plentiful in associated fields, such as graphic design, event and project management, and marketing manager positions.
  • Customer Service Jobs: These can be some of the highest paying and most rewarding jobs, and they are attracting experienced professionals with demonstrated customer service representative, IT, and soft skills. It’s worth noting that these are not just call center positions! Smart companies are rolling out the red carpet for their customers today by providing sophisticated and dedicated support in the forms of client service managers, customer relationship managers, help desk analysts, customer service technicians, technical support specialists, virtual assistants, and many other high-value support functionalities.
  • Teacher and Tutor Jobs: Distance learning will never fade away because it is too valuable for recipients, educators, and sponsoring organizations. Educators and instructors of all stripes are needed now more than ever, and not just in the field of education. Corporations are hiring professionals and online tutors to teach staff, customers, partners, and other constituents about their programs, services, and products. The remote branch of the teaching and tutoring fields exploded during the pandemic, and demand remains high.
  • IT Jobs: Some of today’s most sought-after remote jobs are in information technology (IT). Employers are hiring remote employees, freelancers, and contractors to assume responsibility for a wide range of job titles, from managers to directors and executive-level roles. Opportunities are available for software engineers, software developers, web designers, web developers, website testers, coders, architects, cybersecurity experts, network and systems administrators, programmers, cloud computing specialists, and specialists in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and machine learning (ML). Possibilities are pretty much endless here, and the compensation is excellent. 
  • Recruiter Jobs: Have you ever considered switching from being one company’s employee to becoming a recruiter who finds talent for multiple companies and helps other professionals advance their careers? Talent recruitment is extremely rewarding work with excellent earning potential. Even better, your area of recruitment can be tailored to industries you already know – and you get to be your own boss!
  • More Great Remote Jobs and Work from Home Opportunities: Quite a few other fields are flush with work-at-home job opportunities, especially in Accounting and Finance, bookkeeping, data entry, health care, and e-commerce. 

Explore new and exciting opportunities 

If you are among today’s growing number of professionals looking for the best work-from-home job opportunities, or if you’re just ready to try something new, your options are unlimited. Let us know if you would like some help with your job search. Our recruiting partners are located nationwide, and we’re looking for great people for our clients as well as to join our team.