Goodwin Recruiting’s Meme Hall of Fame

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If you are part of the Goodwin Recruiting team, then you know that we “speak meme.” Whether we are celebrating the accomplishments of our colleagues, coping with the unpredictable nature of our business, or just having a good time, memes are commonplace in our texts and internal email threads! I recently reached out to our team and asked them to share their all-time favorite work-related memes and GIFs for us to share in this “Hall of Fame” blog. Here are some of the best responses!

Justin Rogers: I’ve always found this meme format to be pretty on point. You tell anyone what you do, and there are all sorts of divergent opinions on what that means. The “What I really do” section is accurate! The society box has changed a little since COVID, but by and large, many people feel those of us who work from home have “so much free time.” The part that makes me laugh the most is the “What I think I do” combined with “What I actually do.” I make an effort to get everything organized nice and neat for the next day before I get up from the desk in the evening, but it can be chaos again by 7:45 the next morning!

Paul Baker: I chose this meme because it shows the importance of what we do and the impact on a person’s confidence that making a connection has. It puts a funny spin on something that can make a difference in someone’s life, which is the most important thing we do. In a world where you can apply to dozens of jobs and never hear back from anyone, having that human connection and someone to be a cheerleader for you is incredibly important.

Sara Cauvin: The ‘This is Fine’ meme speaks to a universal workforce that is under constant pressure or is dealing with a chaotic situation, where there is nothing to do but accept what is happening and try to make the best of it. It speaks to me on a very spiritual level, especially from my days in operations. After hearing about your 3rd call off for the day and that a pipe has burst and is flooding a hallway – there’s nothing more to do than to respond ‘this is fine’ with a smile!

Josh Mullins: Simply put, technology is our best helper — but it is also a constant learning process. The more things change, the more they remain a challenge!


Haley Stevenson: I think this is funny because it just shows how we can get so caught up in the details of writing the perfect email and then literally forget to send the attachment that the email was about! It is a reminder to slow down and not speed through emails…and life!

Lindsey Green and Marcia Recks: This one is a favorite for the two of us because it makes us laugh while exemplifying all the frustrating things that can happen at work. Sometimes we just need a laugh! When a million things seem to be going wrong, I feel just like that chicken – and I’d rather laugh about it than cry about it. And when one of us sends the chicken to the other, we know precisely the kind of day they are having!


Stephanie Logan: As recruiters, we reach out to many people we do not know to try and help them find the next step in their careers. We find ourselves trying to be creative to speak live and let candidates and clients know that we are real people, not spam callers! Sometimes, this means calling someone several times before giving up, but when you truly believe you can help this person, walking away can be tough.

Does your sense of humor align with ours? Do you enjoy a challenging workday where just about anything can happen? Reach out to us at We are looking for great leaders who have both business acumen and the ability to look on the bright side when times get tough.