Move Past the Routine Hiring Strategies

Move Past the Routine Hiring Strategies

Co-authored by Jenny Battershell and Jeremy Merritt

What type of environment are your employees working in? Do they feel supported? Included? Comfortable being themselves?

Supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion (or DEI) in your daily operations and hiring process is so important. Here are some ways to refresh your hiring strategies in order to source and create an inclusive and diverse workforce:

Don’t Rely Entirely on your Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Sure, Applicant Tracking Systems save your hiring managers time and energy, using algorithms to find your ‘perfect’ candidate. Are you finding those metrics are becoming a bit stale, though? If it’s structured to find the exact same candidate every time, or only those from a specific job board or those who have written their resume in a certain way – it’s time to expand that criteria. Many things can NOT be determined by a piece of paper, and you are missing out on some truly amazing candidates by relying solely on an ATS.

Evaluate Job Descriptions and Interview Questions

Work hard to create gender-neutral job postings, job descriptions, and interview questions to capture the interest of diverse candidates and eliminate the option of anyone feeling a role is more suited for one gender or another. Use inclusive language and show you are an inclusive workplace. Focus on the candidates themselves – their personality, experience, passion, and what they can bring to the table.

Block Out Resume Details That Lead to Unconscious Bias 

Block out candidate names, genders, graduation years, and any details that can create demographic assumptions and unintentionally lead to unconscious bias on candidate resumes. This will help your hiring team build a more equitable evaluation and interview process.

Hire More Disability Candidates

Without a doubt, these candidates are more abled than disabled. The journey of those with physical and mental impairment is rich in education, development, collaboration, and self-motivation. At an early adolescent age, those with disabilities participate in assessment and training programs to help them develop career paths. And when entering adulthood, supportive groups such as those listed below create individual goals, professional development, and strategies for those with disabilities to reach their aspirations and full capabilities:

All of these life experiences create individuals with unique competencies that can be a perfect match for your team – people who are problem solvers, who think differently than the rest of your team, and bring new ideas to the table. Tapping into this candidate pool can open up a world of opportunities for the growth of your company!

Develop a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

Creating a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council is an impactful way to keep your team focused on DEI on an ongoing basis, and building your team with people of varying backgrounds can have a tremendously positive impact on your company culture, initiatives, and your bottom line.

Train your hiring team to properly screen candidates without bias, and make that training an ongoing part of your hiring practices. Encourage community involvement and outreach, and consider targeted recruitment towards HBCUs, HACUs, Tribal Colleges, international students, underrepresented groups, etc. And be sure to celebrate holidays of all religions, cultures, and more. Some examples can be found here: 2022 Diversity Calendar.

The list goes on, but focusing on these items is a great starting point to refresh your hiring process and show the world that inclusive hiring is more than just a check-box for your company.

At Goodwin Recruiting, we adjusted our Core Values list to include Dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion, so it’s at the top of our team’s mind on a regular basis. We work day in and day out to move the mark in the right direction on this crucial topic, to help our clients find diverse talent to build amazing and diverse teams and to have a positive impact on diversity hiring overall.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion should be a genuine part of every company’s hiring process and company culture. If you agree and are looking for a recruiting company dedicated to diversity recruitment – and if you desire to use a recruiting company as you look for a new job, or even become a recruiter and make a positive impact with companies’ future hiring decisions – reach out today. We would love the opportunity to connect.