5 Hotel Recruitment Tactics to Help Grow Your Hotel Management Team

5 Hotel Recruitment Tactics to Help Grow Your Hotel Management Team

As life returns to some semblance of normal, people have decided that it is time to get out of their homes and travel once again. Unfortunately, with this quick shift in behavior, hotels are struggling to hire and train the right teams to support this new surge in demand. Hotels require an abundance of workers for duties like housekeeping, food service, and front-desk operations. So, one might think their biggest staffing challenge is filling those ranks. The truth is, company leaders struggle the most with hotel management recruitment. While hotels need fewer managers, there are also fewer qualified candidates.

The following tactics can help any hospitality organization achieve its hotel management recruitment objectives.

1. Industry Networking Events

It’s easy for hospitality veterans to view local networking events and industry trade shows with skepticism. Many people feel, “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” However, that sentiment is misplaced when it comes to hotel management recruitment. Especially after a year off, there will be a regenerated enthusiasm for these opportunities to come together.

Company managers primarily attend industry events, so there’s an excellent chance to meet qualified leaders who may be open to a change. Hospitality companies should always include an on-site HR representative and promotional materials for advertising opportunities.

2. Social Media

Company pages on Facebook and LinkedIn are nothing new, yet many hospitality leaders fail to maximize their potential. It’s not enough to have a profile. Activity is critical when recruiting and promoting via social media. The mediums are particularly useful for filling management positions since workers in advanced roles are more likely to spend time on the computer.

Organizations with hotel management recruitment objectives should share posts that advertise open positions and highlight company culture. Examples of compelling posts include pictures of happy employees, positive employee quotes, and promotion of company events.

3. Management Trainee Programs

Some hospitality leaders may think official management trainee programs aren’t real solutions to immediate recruitment needs, but their logic is flawed. Management recruiting is an ongoing struggle.

A prioritized trainee program can yield fast results, and it will certainly pay off over time. The key is to hire for potential first and foremost. Hospitality leaders must realize industry-specific skills can be taught when working with a great canvas.

Strong candidates include recent college graduates and experienced workers looking to change careers. Prospects will be motivated by a recruitment message that emphasizes the big-picture management and business opportunity over niche industry-specifics.

4. Referral Incentives

Sometimes, old-fashioned recruitment methods are among the most effective. While social media is great, many top organizations still meet their hotel management recruitment needs through word-of-mouth referrals.

Hospitality companies should consider offering cash bonuses for employee referrals that result in successful hires. It’s worth noting a Starbucks gift card or another nominal prize generally doesn’t excite workers and can even be viewed as insulting.

5. “Best Employer” Awards

In a tight labor market, employee reviews can contribute to hotel management recruitment success. Many candidates scan sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Organizations can put their best foot forward by proactively participating in best of” contests.

Most industries have annual awards honoring exceptional employers. Most are sponsored by online trade publications and neutral industry third parties. So, job seekers find them very credible!

It’s never easy for a hospitality organization to grow its hotel management team, and today’s incredibly tight job market further exasperates the challenge. However, creative leaders and HR teams can still find ways to source top talent by thinking outside the box.

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