Lean In to Your Career

lean in

“Lean in” is a phrase with literal and figurative meanings, both of which propel oneself forward. Winning requires leaning into the direction of your goal, whether a race or a dream.

The traditional sports usage refers to physically shifting body weight forward or toward something such as a baseball pitch. Metaphorically, the term refers to pushing the mind forward mentally and emotionally. It is a phrase that describes the act of throwing oneself into something, like a new career path, or motivating oneself into taking action. The term “lean in” became a cultural meme following Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book title, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, and her foundation LeanIn.org. The term became a meme in the 2010s but had a history from two prior centuries. The earliest use of “lean in” used metaphorically can be found in an 1892 literature reference (Frances Sparhawk’s Onoqua).

Let’s discuss the physicality of leaning in.

As much fun as it is to contemplate the uses of the term “lean in,” it is more helpful to understand it and how we can apply it in our lives by getting back to the basics of the physicality of leaning in. Walking is an act of catching ourselves before falling. As a baby learning to walk, it’s an act of balance. Lean further forward than our motor skills allow for reaction time, and we’re on our face bawling. Trial and error teach us to take smaller steps to allow our body-mind connection to compensate. As our motor skills develop, the more confidently and more quickly we can walk. We can take longer and faster strides, and before you know it, we’re running and winning races or at least getting ourselves four-times around the quarter-mile track in middle school.

As a side note, the hardest thing to program a robot to do is to walk. Not only are gyroscopes required, but it’s a sensory nightmare and requires a massive amount of information processing. Our brains are truly phenomenal. We, humans, make walking look like, well, a walk in the park. LOL!

As you work toward accomplishing your goals, think about learning to walk. If you don’t fall on your face once in a while, you’re not taking the chances needed to move forward. Think of goal achievement as taking baby steps. Start by having a clear vision of the goal. The first step is to imagine what it would feel like having accomplished it. Picture what the achievement looks like and feel the emotion of it. As a baby would, don’t be afraid to ask for and accept help when needed. Next, identify all the potential paths to getting there and, as Mike Dooley says in Infinite Possibilities, “choose the least sucky one” and take action. You are gaining speed before you know it and have gone past walking to running and eventually winning the race.

If you find yourself needing to lean in to find a new job, have sometimes wondered about becoming a recruiter yourself, or need assistance hiring talent for that hard-to-source position, we can help!

“Lean In” to job hunting.

If you are job hunting, you need to explore all options. A skilled and experienced Recruiter can hold your hand and give you encouragement taking those first baby steps, like polishing your resume and evaluating alternatives. As you progress in the process, you’ll also get coaching and support along the way, as any star athlete would. Learn more about how Goodwin Recruiting can support your job search, or read some of our blogs to help you get started.

“Lean In” to becoming a Recruiter.

If you’ve achieved success in your career and have occasionally wondered about becoming a Recruiter or if recruiting is already a part of your job, becoming a full-time Recruiter might be an exciting and rewarding option. Goodwin Recruiting will provide you the training and coaching needed to be in your best shape to run the race. Learn more about becoming a Partner, and hear some of our current Partners discuss why they became a Goodwin recruiter.

“Lean In” to getting assistance with your business’ recruiting needs.

Recruiting is a relay race rather than a solo event. Effective recruiting requires sourcing using traditional means, as well as networking and direct recruiting. It requires reviewing hundreds of resumes per position, interviews, decision making, and hiring. It takes a team. Goodwin Recruiters are trained to be an extension of your team. It’s outlined in our core values. We seek congruent relationships, transparent communication, and we always strive to be the best. It’s our job to make your job easier. Just read some of the testimonials from our current clients to understand how we can be an effective part of your team.

Whether you’re looking for a professional change or simply need support while growing your team or organization, Goodwin Recruiting can help you ‘lean in’ to the situation and provide you the support needed in those first few wobbly steps. Let us know how we may assist.