Give the Gift of Positivity

Gift of Positivity

The word “karma” is often used within the context of the negative boomerang effect. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Karma is a…..” You can fill in the blank. Karma is a Sanskrit word that roughly translated means “action,” and it is rooted in the principle that basically you reap what you sow. But that definitely swings along the side of positivity, as well, and every religion or culture in the world has some sort of message that aligns with the notion of karma. “Do unto others….” and the more secular, “What goes around comes around,” surely ring a bell.

While the world is topsy-turvy, a little kindness goes a long way, and there have been plenty of positive stories from across the globe of people doing their part to be helpful and spread happiness to others. These examples might not always make the headlines or be the biggest sound bite on the nightly news. You have to seek them out, but it’s worth it. Making a conscious decision to consume less media that is negative, and can feed into thoughts of fear and anger, will make your days brighter. When your outlook improves, it impacts how you think, how you act, and how you communicate. And guess what? You are now exuding a different and better energy that can improve someone else’s day, as well.

Spreading Joy and Positivity

Starting a chain reaction of spreading joy and good news begins with positive thinking at the individual level. It’s essential to pay attention to your inner dialogue and to learn to adjust or steer your stream of consciousness toward positivity. This isn’t to say that you have to be pollyannaish. You can still be a realist, have strong opinions, and be a critical thinker, and you can certainly disagree when you encounter wrong-doing by others. But channeling that energy towards something productive is key to uplifting your spirits and actually making a difference. Engaging in a rant on social media is futile, and what does it get you? Time wasted with nothing to show for it.

Rediscovering Beauty

The world has slowed down a little since the pandemic took hold, which has allowed people to reflect and regroup, which was initially somewhat of a silver lining. You couldn’t find yeast anywhere at any store because bread was being baked and broken around the family dinner table at homes everywhere. Board games were dusted off, walks and hikes were taken to rediscover the beauty of the outdoors, and family-friendly Netflix options became the norm. But after a while, people become restless when it is hard to get back to a regular routine, and eventually, too much time on one’s idle hands can become less of “a blessing in disguise.” That’s when the tendency to pick up that phone and start scrolling those feeds kicks in. Fight the urge!

Daily To-Do Lists

Don’t let a rut or feelings of uncertainty or all the nay-saying external influencers in the world create your destiny. Setting up a positive, daily to-do list is the best thing you can do to ensure you are taking command and beginning to build a barrier to a negative mindset. Day after day, as you continue to feel busy, accomplished, and more in control of your environment, the circle of positive outcomes will grow around you. Include both short and long-term items on your task list and connect the daily tasks to your bigger goals. Your list can include all kinds of activities that don’t have to be super tangible or work-related. Simple examples would be, “Call Aunt Sally – this will make me feel good because I know it will make her day” or “Ask the neighbor if I can mow his grass – helping him will make me feel good and I’ll mow my own grass at the same time which I’ve been putting off” — two feel-good birds with one stone! Little things can make a big difference, and you can make yourself feel better at the same time you are helping someone else. If you need things to look forward to down the road, add an item like “Start working on the holiday gift list, including things that are homemade and more thoughtful – this will help me save money, get me excited about the holidays, and give me something to work on in my downtime.”

Don’t neglect the things you need to do for yourself personally, for your home and family, and for work. Ultimately, you can create a master to-do list with the reasons why each task is important to you or your circle of loved ones, or even for the world at large (there is plenty of need in the non-profit/volunteer/community outreach realm right now!). Having those reasons tied to the tasks will make you feel more inspired to stay focused and on track. The more you feel good, the more you will make others feel good. The more you accomplish, the more you will inspire others to accomplish their goals. The more you approach each day with a positive outlook, the more that positivity will spread. So, if you’ve ever thought, “You’ve made your bed, and now you have to lie in it.” Let the bed you make be sturdy, warm, comfortable, and inviting. It will afford you a good night’s sleep so you can wake up on the right side of that bed and start your day on a positive path.

Let Goodwin Help You Check Off Your Professional To-Do List

If you are currently reflecting on things and need some consultation on your “to-do” list as it relates to work, you can find some positive feedback and ideas from one of our Goodwin partners. If you are on a job search and feeling discouraged, we can help! We will always be transparent, offer guidance, and promise to brighten your day with positivity. If you are struggling to find the right people to hire for your company, we can happily advise on our process that can help you produce positive results. And if you have been considering changing your own career path to become the creator of your own success by starting a recruiting business, we can discuss that kind of partnership with you, as well. Goodwin thrives on being the Recruiting Company of Choice for Our Partners, Clients, and Candidates, and we have a positive and optimistic outlook for the future and would love to bring you with us along that path of positivity.