A Map & Compass Will Get Us to Our Destination


We all make choices in life. Choices produce results — both good and bad. The best results come from comparing decisions against your personal or corporate compass. There’s lots of talk about a moral compass, which sounds like it applies to the big decisions, but it applies to all decisions. A person or company’s compass is evidenced both in what they say and what they do.

At Goodwin Recruiting, we take our compass seriously. Our compass is evidenced by Our Mission and our Core Values. We have chosen to be the Recruiting Company of Choice for our Partners, Clients, and Candidates. With that as Our Mission, we are selective with the partners, clients, and candidates with whom we choose to work. Attaching the Goodwin name to a person or company is a decision we make daily and don’t take lightly. Our goal is to only work with those whom we feel have compasses that will head them in the same direction that we have chosen. How do we decide who we work with? It’s pretty simple — are we heading in the same direction?

Recruiting is a highway with many intersections. The commonality is an agreed-upon destination and the map and compass to get there. The map keeps everyone heading in the right direction. Goodwin Recruiting has excellent maps. Maps for serving clients’ needs, maps for finding a candidate the right job, and even a map to support our recruiting partners toward their own success. Our compass is represented in our Core Values.

  • Integrity in Everything We Do
  • Dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion
  • Congruent Relationships
  • Extensive Support
  • Transparent Communication
  • Keep it Simple
  • Be the Best

COVID has impacted everyone and, for most of us, has provided the time and motivation to evaluate our goals and the means by which we get there. Layered onto that has been the overdue realization that, as a country, we have not gone far enough to wipe out both prejudices and the more pervasive biases that are beneath the surface and often go unquestioned in our day-to-day lives.

Our founder, Eric Goodwin, said it best — to us as a team as well as documenting it on our website:

“We feel it is important at this time to send a reminder that our promise to deliver the best possible candidates also comes with the promise that we will do so under the laws of equal employment opportunities for all. We genuinely believe that your organization will be at its best when people are hired for their skills and when the selection process isn’t tainted by any biases that could be interpreted as discrimination.”

Our Mission and our Core Values represent who we are and the compass we use in our daily business. For those who value what we value and want to join us on our journey, we can provide the roadmap. In a nutshell, we choose to work with good people with whom we develop mutual respect.

Please join us on our journey! If your compass is pointing you in the same direction as ours, you are aligned with our values, are good at communication, and need our expertise, let’s connect!

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