What Is the Difference Between Strategy and Tactics?

Strategy and Tactics

You often hear the words ‘strategy’ and ‘tactics’ tossed around, but what really is the difference?

Strategy describes the destination and an overview of the map to get there, and tactics are the specific directions and actions you need to take along the road. Robert Filek said, “Strategy without process is little more than a wish list,” and that couldn’t be truer. If you know where you want to go but have no idea how to get there, you’ll either stay where you are or get lost and off track.

How Do You Create a Strategy During Such Uncertain Times?

One of the things that everyone may be struggling with right now is how to come up with a clear strategy when the future includes so many unknowns. In order to keep yourself and your employees or team grounded, you should make sure that you aren’t completely abandoning your targets and goals. Not having something to reach toward puts you in a “no man’s land” and increases doubts and fears.

Continue using the same tools and reports, even though the data may be significantly different, so you don’t get too far away from sound business habits. Your overall company strategy shouldn’t change too much, just as your core values should remain steadfast. It is mostly the tactical work that needs to be examined.

The Importance of Tactical Communication

The way you conduct your tactical outreach to your audience, whether it be clients, customers, or prospects of any kind has had to change. Relying on the same language in individualized or automated marketing emails that was tried and true in the past no longer works in our changing environment. You need to show sensitivity to the current circumstances while still highlighting what your company or brand offers, and how your services are important and can be utilized. When updating your messaging, you also want to make sure that your voice is unique. Some of the common verbiage coming out of the COVID crisis is already sounding like over-saturated buzz words and platitudes. The best choices are genuine and non-repetitive. Speak in the moment and to what’s relevant today, and you won’t get stuck sounding like everyone else.

Your Tactical Roadmap — Daily and Weekly Activity Tracking

Having no goals at all is a path towards disaster, so it is critical to continue to set realistic daily and weekly goals that acknowledge the current circumstances. Devise a clear, action-oriented plan to capitalize on new opportunities and break it down into manageable steps. Then stay laser-focused on executing your checklist each day. You can create positive, forward momentum by sticking to a schedule and completing the tasks you set forth to accomplish. If you do this effectively, and you continue to track the progress by using the tools and measurements laid out in your strategy, you will begin to see results. Worst case scenario – the results show you aren’t heading in the right direction. It’s ok! Because you were tracking, you realize it sooner than later, and you can reset your steps, change up your route, and get back on track toward your goals and destination.

Finding the Right Partner to Assist As You Navigate Toward Success

Having the right team with you on your road trip toward future success is critical, but you may need to focus your time and energy on operations and other aspects of your company’s strategic and tactical plans. Don’t let staffing slip to the backseat – Goodwin Recruiting is here for you. We invite you to connect with one of our industry-leading recruiters to learn more about how we can streamline the interview process for you. Let us channel our pipeline of highly vetted candidates right to your desk, so you can spend more time in the other areas where you are needed.